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Jackie Chan's stuntman breaks down one of his most iconic action scenes

In a new YouTube video, stuntman Andy Cheng joins the hallway crew as he Worked on Jackie Chan’s projects in the 1990s and 2000s, used to watch the actor’s best known films – including action comedy Rush Hour 2 from 2001 start.

Cheng breaks down one of the film’s most memorable moments— – Jackie Chan and Chris Stark’s characters jumped off the 16th floor of the building when it exploded – was shot, shared that it wasn’t filmed in a studio, so it involved very True 80ft drop if anything goes wrong.

He explained that the moment Chan and Tucker jumped from the window, grabbed the rope and sailed down, hitting the lanterns one by one as they descended, It was the first test using sandbags – with little success. “Sometimes they hit the pole, sometimes they broke the sandbag, all their prosthetic arms, everything, got fired,” he said.

Then when they hit the road sign and swing around it, the momentum builds up so fast that it becomes very dangerous – if They hit the metal bars at the wrong moment and they may have been seriously injured. “It’s very complicated,” Cheng said. “It looks easy…then when you drop 80 feet, free fall, think how high.

He also revealed that the sequence The first part of the film was shot in one go. “It’s one piece,” he said, “all different cameras, but all one lens…like a lucky shot. “

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