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Jacob Tremblay defends Flounder's new 'Little Mermaid' look: 'I really can't imagine it differently'

WhenDisney’s new live action adaptationThe Little Mermaid, and Jacob Tremblay , voice of the friendly fish, are weighing in.

“I actually saw it for the first time in an audition – [director] Rob [Marshall] showed it to me. I thought it was really cool, Because I love how they make them look like real animals,” Tremblay told The Hollywood Reporter Monday at the film’s world premiere. “During rehearsal I also saw other character designs and thought it was really cool, then I finally saw the movie last night and I thought they did a great job. I really couldn’t be more different if it made sense way of imagining it. I think it works really well; He added that there has been a lot of comment online about how the lovable cartoon sidekick has been given a very different look in the new adaptation from the 16 animated film.

Tremblay, now 12, explaining that he was auditioning for The Little Mermaid , “so I was very, very nervous about it. But fortunately, the voice of Jacob, who is younger than this years old, is much smoother and less hoarse. I managed to pull it off and it was really exciting and I’m very happy. ”

The actor joked that in the four years since the movie was released, “my voice has changed so much that I really can’t listen to it when I rewatch it.” Tell me . I was like, ‘Is that me? That doesn’t sound like me.’”

In playing Ariel’s best friend, Tremblay had to take some time to get close star Halle Bailey , pointed out that he went to London to rehearse with her “it was really cool because I actually saw her sing. Really emotional, it gave me goosebumps. I saw the movie last night and she was perfect, flawless.”

The Little Mermaid

will be released in May 16.




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