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Jaden Smith is the ultimate shapeshifter at Paris Fashion Week

Skirts are all the rage in the menswear world. Chopova Lowena, Miu Miu, Peter Do and other top brands have recently sent male models to rock the trend. But Jaden Smith has been a fan of the dress since at least 2016, when he ran a Louis Vuitton womenswear ad Wearing a fringed skirt during the event caused an uproar.

Smith’s fondness for skirts doesn’t seem to be waning. The multi-talented talent was on trend at Thome Browne’s spring 2023 show wearing a skirt and trousers. Thom Browne’s signature cuts and playful twists on tweed feel like a clever modern take on the punk aesthetic. “The resurgence of punk fashion [and] inspiration in the world is very powerful,” Smith told Vogue . He especially gave a shout-out to his sister Willow, who has always displayed a strong punk-inspired look and music.

Despite being very popular, Smith said he did his best to ignore them and create his own style pillars. “I don’t really follow trends because I’ve been trying to get my own way,” he said. “Leading trends can be difficult, and people should really try to follow their own morals and beliefs, not other ideas.”

An extraordinary shapeshifter, Smith later wore a gold dress to the Louis Vuitton Spring 2023 womenswear show. Smith wore an awe-inspiring sculptural top that almost resembled a footballer’s uniform, with a meandering strip of gold fabric that ran from the scarf to the chest strap and from the side pockets to the waistband.

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This 24 year-old genius says that creative director Nicolas Ghesquière has designed a number of clothing collections for Smith over the years – a constant source of inspiration and a joy to collaborate. “Wearing it, I felt like a warrior,” Smith said of the nude look. “And I feel like sometimes I can be a warrior in fashion because [and] it’s not accepted, what people think is masculinity and so on.”

Smith said he especially liked the Louis Vuitton order. One piece from the jaw-dropping performance: “The tree trunks of the house made by Nicholas,” he said. “It’s a remake of the original Louis Vuitton couture house, and it’s a poem in every way. Speaking of poetry, I can’t help but mention the car that was put together on the Thom Browne show. The same Amazing.”

He also draws inspiration from the streets of Paris. “I see people in Paris wearing a lot of cool, understated brands that you can only really see on the internet.”

But Smith is not only an inspirational leader in the world of fashion . Smith, co-founder of sustainable packaged water brand Just Water, recently helped residents of Jackson, Mississippi, who have been grappling with a months-long water crisis. Smith explained: “[Just Water co-founder Drew Fitzgerald and I] built these filtration systems that could be assembled with technology available in places like Home Depot. So we made sure to try to get the tank to where the relief was needed. , so that we can not only make a difference, but also try to bring light where it is needed.”

This free-flow, big-picture and very mature approach to projects seems to be the culmination of Smith and Sheng all come. Every idea is in dialogue with another idea. When asked to describe his visual aesthetic, he responded: “Pinks, hills, rainbows.”

Below, take a look behind the scenes at Smith’s Paris Fashion Week.




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