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James Bond producers focus on figuring out a villain before filming the next 007

James Bond Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson straddle past and future as they celebrate 007of60th anniversary and start thinking about life after Daniel Craig.

Dinner with The Hollywood Reporter at the Beverly Hilton Before, they were 007 from the Will Rogers Film Pioneer Foundation Pioneer Awards , Broccoli and Wilson talk casting considerations for next Bond, what they’d like to see in MGM leadership post-Amazon buyout, and whether Bond could play on the small screen Secret agent. “We resisted that practice,” Broccoli said.

The conversation took place on a jet trip worthy of a secret agent. The pair also attended a handprint ceremony at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Wednesday. Next up is the World Bond Day festivities on October 4th, which includes an Amazon doc Sound of launch on October 5th at Royal Alpine A concert at Burt Hall , About Bang German film music.

In conversation with THR, half-brother The sisters also revealed that, despite the question of who will play the next Bond, they are currently more interested in figuring out who his villain is.

What worries and anxieties did you have on your first outing when you picked up the James Bond cape ?

BROCCOLI I grew up around Bond, so I’ve been fascinated by Bond since I was a kid. I always say I want to spend as much time with my dad as possible because he is such an amazing person. So, I often work with him, work with Michael, and learn at the feet of the masters. When Cubby (Albert Romolo Broccoli) asked us to take over GoldenEye , he had so much confidence in us that it made a big difference. He instilled in us his passion for filmmaking, especially the series. I guess anxiety is to live up to everything that came before.

WILSON You don’t want to be the last to make The man who made the James Bond movies.

Has this anxiety lessened over the years?

BROCCOLI We really appreciate fans and moviegoers so we don’t want to disappoint them. So you do your best to make the best movie possible. You try to hire the best people, create the best work atmosphere for people, and then you just hope you get it right. But Cubby always taught us that you can’t be afraid of change, you have to take risks, and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But you have to keep it fresh. So, you have to keep evolving, and that’s what we try to do.

sound will be released soon. Many aspects of the Bond movies deserve a document, so why start with the music?

BROCCOLI I think sound is an integral part of a movie. It all started with John Barry – the Monty Norman-themed John Barry voice and John Barry’s hands. John created a new genre of film music with the Bond films and then of course went on to create many other extraordinary soundtracks in different films like Out of Africa. I think the combination of the soundtrack, the soundtrack and the song is largely part of the success. Usually when we’re making a movie, everyone wants to know who’s going to play Bond, who’s the villain, who’s the lady, who’s singing the song. This is largely part of the whole mystery of Bond.

This document was originally at Apple, but is now being published on Amazon Prime. How did this happen?

BROCCOLI Amazon, when they bought MGM, they were very focused on synergies, so I think they really wanted to put it in their orbit, which was very flattering to us like. Apple is kind enough to allow this to happen.

Do you have any insight into how MGM will fit into Amazon and how Bond fits into Amazon?

broccoli not really. It’s still early. We made a movie called Till which is about Emmett Till and it’s being released by UAR so Amazon has been Incredible support Till because it’s under their auspices now. So we’ve been having a very good experience, a very positive experience [with Till]. They really are the people behind this movie. So, we’re off to a great start.

1235225221 Mike · De Luca and Pam Abdy left MGM after being acquired by Amazon. Do you have an in-depth look at their potential replacements?

broccoli We haven’t. I don’t think they have. Of course they didn’t tell us. I mean, these are big shoes to fill. We have a great relationship with them and we look forward to seeing who will take over.

What would you like to see at MGM leadership?

BROCCOLI The theatrical business is very important to us. Bonds are movies, and it’s very important to us that they appear on the big screen. So, we wanted someone who was as passionate about the theatrical experience as we were. As studio leaders, we often say that the most important thing in doing business is talent. Therefore, we hope that the person in charge of the studio is talented, appreciates talents, and is a good partner.

WILSON Amen. (laughs.) The problem is we have good partners in the studio and we also have some difficult partners . We’ve all experienced it. We only look at the next person to appear.

Bond is a survivor. If he can survive in Hollywood, he can survive anything.

Broccoli You say it.

Bond is a member of “Her Majesty’s Agent”. With the Queen’s passing, I want to ask what does she mean to the franchise? 1235225221

BROCCOLI Well, as you said , Bond worked for the queen and the country, and will now work for the king and country. He is a loyal servant of the British government. He was a classical hero who cared about the world and humanity more than personal desires. It’s been a very sad time in the UK, obviously, it’s been a major transition, but she’s definitely left a very extraordinary legacy.

Wilson She has been a huge supporter of Bond movies for many years. So did the rest of the royal family – Charles and William and everyone else. She has always been a steady hand. You don’t see her as a person. No matter how much you expected it to happen, it was a shock.

Do you have any personal experience? The queen you would like to share?

WILSON We just filmed every time she came to the opening , will introduce her to the cast and crew. Prince Philip is also a big fan of Bond. He is very passive. We’d be in the box with him and he’d be laughing and clapping.

There has been a lot of speculation about who will be the new Bond. Does high guesswork affect you as a creative?

Broccoli When we reach a point like we are now Again, we have to think about the trajectory and storylines of the Bond films and where we want to take them. So, that was really the main focus at the beginning. Once we knew where we wanted to go, we started thinking about casting. We don’t just cast for a movie. We’re picking one, hopefully at least ten years. This is a big decision, and we are nowhere close to making it.

What social changes are you looking for to reflect on the next Bond?

BROCCOLI hard to know. We always sit down with our writers and we first think about what is the world afraid of? We first had to think about “who is the villain of Bond?” We tried to focus on it as a super story, and then we also wanted to look at Bond’s emotional life and the personalities he would face that he has never dealt with before question. So he has two big problems in the movie – one is geopolitical and the other is personal.

Wilson Everyone thought the Berlin Wall came down, everything was clumsy and there were no more stories to tell. Well, that turns out to be wrong. The world is so unpredictable, it’s a rich environment for storytelling.

What other considered Bond roles would you suggest to an actor who is weighing?

broccoli Any actor thinking about this has to think about how this will change their life. When we first approached Daniel, of course Daniel was reluctant, as I said, his life changed, but he didn’t. He was an amazing person from the beginning as he is now. You become an ambassador for the film and people think you have a connection to the character. It has many different elements. But a time commitment is certainly a long-term commitment, and not everyone is willing to do it – multiple photos over the years. Daniel has completed 007 years.

What are you looking for when evaluating any project that will set foot in or be adjacent to James Bond?

BROCCOLI We really enjoyed the documentary. We did a Being James Bond about Daniel Craig and we loved the music documentary. We’ve moved away from other projects, and the one we’ve just worked with Amazon is a non-script (007’s Road to a Million ). We have a lot of people coming to us with all kinds of ideas. One of our biggest concerns about this is that we never want to put any public at risk. A lot of what they’re asking us is these high-stakes risk-taking types of things, and we just don’t want to. It’s more of a scavenger hunt, and it’s really fun. That’s why we are involved in this project.

Could Bond be on TV?

broccoli We boycotted it. We did do children’s animation many years ago, but we kept refusing to do anything because, you know, we really like to put all our energy into the drama.




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