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James Corden wraps up his 'Late Late' run: Behind-the-scenes look at final episode

On Thursday, after eight years of fun jumping out of airplanes with Tom Cruise, encouraging guests to pour their hearts out and carpooling karaoke, James Corden( James Corden bid farewell to CBS’s The Late Late on a star-studded final recording showing .

in the studio with guests Will Ferrell and Harry Styles (unbelievably, Styles Ernes still writes “Late Late” tattooed on his arm during a game of “tattoo roulette” in 2015, along with President Joe Biden and other late night With special appearances from hosts Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, and grandfatherly David Letterman, Corden celebrates with characteristic humor and touching sincerity Got episode 1,2015 of

TLLS – Shout out to bandleader Reggie Watts, lead writer Ian The hard work of Carmel and Lauren Greenberg and many others who have kept the show going for almost a decade.

Here, “Vogue” goes behind the scenes of the show.



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