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James Gunn, Peter Safran are working on an '8 to 10-year plan' for Washington

After a week on the job to lead DC’s film, TV and animation work , James Gunn and Peter Safran met with CEO David Zaslav on Thursday with their new Warner Bros. Discovery team at a virtual town hall.

For months, Zaslav said he hoped leaders would help DC become more like Marvel Studios, home to the most successful franchise in history, to Famous for overarching storylines like Infinite Saga. At the town hall on Thursday, Safran emphasized that Washington, D.C. will focus on telling a story.

“This is a unique opportunity to tell a great overarching story”, says Safran, known for making Shazam! and Aquaman . “A beautiful big story that spans film, video games, reality TV and animation.”

Gunn noted that he and Safran have already started making long-term plans for the story.

DC does everything it can and has it all — that’s why I’m doing this work because I know Peter and I can do it,” Gunn said.” Over the past few days, we’ve spent the past few days with a group of the best thinkers in the business, and the best writers in the business are starting to plan these eight for 10 in theaters , TV, animation, a comprehensive development plan for these characters.

In late October, Zaslav appointed Gunn and Safran to lead DC Studios as co-chairs and co- CEOS, the duo began their duties on November 1.

Gunn rose to fame as Marvel’s little-known Guardians of the Galaxy Team characters are converted to globally recognizable names. When he came to DC at to develop a feature, he Selected in his 2020 feature Suicide Squad instead of something like Superman Well-known hero. During town hall, he emphasized his love of obscurity, sharing his love of metal and bat mites. But he also paid tribute to DC’s most famous heroes.

“I love Superman and I love Batman. I love how they interact,” Gunn said. “I love the way they are the same and the way they are completely different. “

Gunn and Safran will report directly to Zaslav, who told investors this week that he has spent a lot of time with the pair over the past few months. They He replaces Walter Hamada, who left last month after four years as president of DC Films. The search for a new leader to run DC has been in the spotlight, with top filmmaker Gunn’s promotion order Surprised.

Gunn took a moment to address Zaslav directly at the town hall on Thursday.

“I know You do it all because you love these characters too, and you love the possibility, and the hope they represent, and that was clear to us from the start,” Gunn said. “If it wasn’t for that, we would never have considered this. , so thanks. ”



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