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James Gunn slams past DC leadership in candid comments

During his three months running DC Studios with Peter Safran, writer-director James Gunn had an unusual ( Some would be refreshing) to be frank with Hollywood studio execs. When he and his partner Peter Safran briefed reporters on their ambitious plan at a presentation at Warner Bros. earlier this week, His propensity to speak his mind was on full display again.lot.

In some profanity-filled choice comments, Gunn said the previous DC system was “a mess” and in the middle of the speech Another point insists that ex-Superman star Henry Cavill was “walked around” by the studio.

Rare to hear a studio owner speak so openly . Normally, a newly appointed studio head wouldn’t be walking around a town ruled by relationships making accusations like this — at least not publicly.

“That’s what happens when you’re writing and directing,” said a rival studio executive.

After a long search, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav hired Gunn and Safran late last year shocked Hollywood when he came to run the newly formed DC Studios. Bringing Movies, TV, Animation and Video Games under one roof. On the film side, they succeed Walter Hamada, who worked with ex-Warner Pictures chief Toby Emmerich for many years. Others who have served as the main force in DC include Zack Snyder , the behind-the-scenes director Man of steel (30), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) and like Wonder Woman Key characters in such a movie (30) in before leaving the universe, by Joss Whedon Take over Justice League .

Safran and Gunn’s newly revealed blueprint calls for an overall unified DC universe that will use marquee heroes in a way to introduce lesser-known characters (much like Marvel Studios does).

Gunn took direct aim at previous roles responsible for taking a piecemeal approach to IP (he had an inside view and directed Suicide Squad Spinoff TV show for DC and Warner Bros. Peacemaker ). “As everyone here probably knows, DC’s history is a mess. It’s screwed up,” Gunn said. “Nobody cares about mints. They give away IP like a party favor to any creator who smiles at them.”

He added, “There’s the Arrowverse, there’s the DCEU, Then split and at one point became Joss Whedon Justice League and Snyderverse. At another point, There’s Superman & Lois , there’s the Reevesverse, there’s all these different things,” Gunn said , he was referring to the CW series and Matt Reeves’ The Batman . “Even us. We came, did Suicide Squad and became Peacemaker All of a sudden, Bat-Mite is the real thing.”

Gunn and Safran officially arrived on the Warner Bros. lot on November 1st, and almost soon after parting ways with Making headlines) Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins, who has been preparing the third film in the Gal Gadot franchise.

What follows is the 1235314176 well-publicized confusion about Henry Cavill . In mid-October, the actor happily announced on his Instgram that he will be starring in Dwayne Johnson Black Adam . But after Gunn and Safran arrive, they explain to Cavill that they are going in different directions. Cavill again took to social media to explain the situation, prompting some of his fans to say he was fired.

In this week’s Slate introduction, tried to clarify the actor’s exit, saying that Cavill was never fired because he had no official deal. Gunn went further, blaming the blame elsewhere. “I like Henry, I think he’s a good guy,” Gunn said. I think he was screwed by a lot of people, including the previous leader of this company. But this Superman isn’t Henry for a number of reasons. “(Gun’s Superman is a young version, it is said to be around 30.)

It’s unclear which regime Gunn was referring to when he mentioned Cavill, although The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson bypassed Hamada’s to come back for Warner Bros. With the permission of Studio Owners Michael DeLuca and Pamela Abdi, Cavill was Adam .

Gunn also took aim at release dates, saying the industry puts too much emphasis on meeting dates rather than making sure movies are in good shape. (This may help Explain why he and Safran only revealed two projects, Superman: Legacy and The Batman Part II is out. Both will be on ).

“We don’t put hundreds of millions of dollars into a script only to finish three Two out of two movies, and we had to finish it when we were done making the movie. I’ve seen it happen over and over again, and it’s a mess,” Gunn said. , 20 years ago. ”

In addition to his duties at DC, Gunn owns Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is due in May. The filmmaker has become a well-known director of Marvel, with the first Guardians of the Galaxy Movie, Released on 2016.

Since taking over his new job, Gunn has been active on Twitter, responding to fans and brazenly dismissing rumors. When asked by the media if he would continue to use social media to Debunking the rumour, he replied: “Must? That is my joy! “




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