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James Marsden doesn't know if 'Jury Duty' would have worked without Ronald Gladden: 'Talk about winning gold'

James Marsden is opening up about being in Jury Duty and how he plays opposite Ronald Gladden, one of the series’ most popular characters.

During an interview with *)

UK GQ, posted online Wednesday, the Disenchanted star said it was “such a joy” to play a role that was just an exaggerated version of what he was as an actor.

“Getting permission to send clichés in a subtle way, named Hollywood celebrities, but in some moments, it’s ridiculous, and that gets me really excited,” he explained Dow. “He just thinks everyone should be interested in what he’s saying, what he’s reading, and there’s no interesting dialogue that doesn’t involve his next show. It’s a comedy gold mine.”

Eight episode series follows bogus jury selection and trial, except one person is led Believe it’s all real – Gladden, aka Juror #6. The entire cast, including Marsden, played their roles in an elaborate role that made Gladden think it was a televised trial, even though it was really just an elaborate prank.

Marsden says trying to keep the whole prank a secret can be challenging at times, especially when it feels like Gladden is one step ahead of everyone else.

“There was a moment when Mekki Leeper, who played Noah, was supposed to say, ‘How do I get off jury duty? I’ve heard that if you say you’re racist , they’ll let you go,” Ronald said preemptively, “Hey, I saw this Family Guy that guy pretending he’s racist That episode. We were like, ‘Has Ronald read the damn script?'” the Dead to Me

cast recalled.

Overall, Marsden thinks the show really “hits” with Gladden, adding, “I don’t know if it wasn’t like Ronald People like that, the show can still work.”

In an interview last month, Gladden explained that once the show ended, it took him a while to figure out what to do. Completely understand the entire premise of the show. He said at the time, “I’m not kidding, I’m still getting hit by stuff like that months after this, “Oh , wow, is that staged, is that fake, is that an actor? ””

Once the Amazon Freevee Show hit, truth revealed, Marsden, Gladden and the rest of the cast quickly became popular on social media, with clips from the series being shared across platforms. Marsden said he thinks one of the main reasons people are so obsessed with the show is because “it’s original.

He continued, “We live in In this world, people don’t want to take too many risks. We wanted to look at older IP and reimagine successful old movies, and it was cool to come across something like uncharted territory. ” 1235405067



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