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Jamie Lee Curtis says 'Nepo Baby' debate 'designed to try to diminish, vilify and hurt'

Jamie Lee Curtis joins a chorus of celebrities who are weighing in on the so-called “nepo baby” debate.

Curtis, daughter of actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, debuts at this age 1977 in TV series of 1977 episode, Quincy, I

Earlier this week,

New York Magazine published a feature titled “Nepo Baby Years” detailing the pedigree of numerous Hollywood personalities whose parents and other relatives all work in the entertainment industry. Various graphs for this story — including this , featuring Curtis and other celebrities — explore how nepotism can give them some industry advantages Or play a role in their success in every industry.

Curtis posted a post on Instagram on Friday stating that she started Acting 44 (she is now 44 ), from the episode where Quincy made her the “OG Nepo Baby”.

“I never understood, and I won’t, what it was that got me hired that day, but since I was at Quincy on the first two lines as a contract player from Universal Studios to one last spectacular creative year, years later, not a day goes by in my career without me being reminded that I am the daughter of a movie star ,” she wrote. “Current discussion about nepo babies is just an attempt to minimize, vilify and hurt.”

at In her post, the Halloween actress also included a picture of her as a toddler with her family, noting that she No attempt to “pretend there aren’t any” advantages to having first-rate parents, but question the common perception that she or anyone else of high birth isn’t necessarily talented.

“For the records I have navigated 14 over the years my relevant And reflecting the advantages that fame gives me, I don’t pretend I don’t have any, trying to tell me I’m worthless myself,” she wrote. “It’s weird how we immediately make assumptions and sarcastic comments that someone is related to someone else who is known for their art in their field, but somehow doesn’t have any talent. I started to learn that’s not true at all. I Having adapted and been present in thousands of people in all different types of work, every day I try to bring integrity, professionalism, love, community and art to my work. I am not alone. There are many of us . Committed to our craft. Proud of our lineage. Believing in our right to exist.”

She cites Movies ) Everything Everywhere All On Once, starring opposite Michelle Yeoh are award contenders.

Rage in the world can we just try to find the quiet voice of that wonderful movie, all reminding us at the same time..

” Note to self:

“Be kind,

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” Be nice: “

Curtis was the latest to comment after the New York article went viral. Others include rapper, actor and filmmaker Ice Cube’s son O’ Shea Jackson Jr.; Lily Allen, daughter of actor Keith Allen and filmmaker Alison Owen; and Lottie Moss, half-sister of Kate Moss.

See Curtis’ full post below.

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