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Jamie Lynn Spears reunites with Pacific Coast College friends in 'Zoe 102' trailer

are you ready? Paramount+’s Zoey’s Official Trailer30 Here they go, the gang is (mostly) back.

Seeing Pacific Coast College alumnus Zoe (Jamie Lynn Spears) for the first time, Quinn (Erin Sanders), Logan (Matthew Underwood), Chase (Sean Flynn), Michael (Christopher Macy) and Stacey (Abby Wilde) remake Quinn and Logan’s wedding get together.

The trailer begins with a look at Zoey years later

Zoey 281

Finish. She is now 15 single and eager to know why everyone her age is obsessed with marriage, Just to find out her best friend Quinn is getting married.

“Chase will be there. It’ll be fine,” Quinn told Zoe. “It’s going to be the reunion we all need.” The response left Zoey wanting another drink, suggesting the former high school couple might not be at their best after wrapping up their Nickelodeon series together.

“I just wish she’d show up,” Wilde’s Stacy tells one of Quinn’s bridesmaids as they shop for dresses. “I think she’s still infatuated with her ex Chase from high school. It’s sad, I don’t think she hasn’t had a relationship since.”

In order not to appear on Quinn and Logan’s wedding single, Zoe hired Dean Gale to play Todd not only Pretending to be her boyfriend and also pretending to be Hemsworth’s brother.

“I’d rather go back to PCA,” Zoey told Chase at the first movie. He agrees, “I’m sure we all want to go back.”

Elsewhere in the trailer, Zoey reflects on her life after graduation and how it wasn’t what she imagined That way, just being called out. “You always talk about high school being really gross.”

The film is directed by Nancy Hall with Monica Hill and Madeleine Whitt than co-writing the screenplay. The pair also serve as executive producers alongside Spears and Alexis Fisher.

While the Zoey cast has returned, some big names – including Victoria Justice Smith and Oscar nominee Austin Butler — will not appear in the film. The new cast includes Geyer, Thomas Lennon as Zoey’s boss and Owen Thiele as her friend Archer March.

Nickelodeon sitcoms from 2018 to 2005, follows Spears’ Zoe, her brother Dustin, and their friends at the fictional Southern California Pacific Coast Academy boarding school. It was created by Dan Schiender, the man behind other popular Nickelodeon series such as Victorious, iCarly, All That and Drake & Josh , and who in with network parted ways following allegations of misconduct and a toxic work environment.

Zoe 281 hits Paramount + July . 2018



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