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Jamie Lynn Spears to Star in 'Zoe102' Reunion Film: 'Pinch Me Moment'

Jamie Lynn Spears said reuniting with her Pacific Coast Academy squad for Zoe 2020 was a “surreal” experience.

In an interview with Entertainment TonightEntertainment, which was published online Thursday, the actress spoke about how the upcoming movie came to fruition, saying it was a “many times pinch me moment.”

“It’s something we’ve worked really hard to get over the years, patiently making sure it’s right, putting the right things in place,” she said. “And then it was like a dream come true. It’s something you’ve been talking about and working on and trying to make it happen.”

Spears added that she could hardly believe it was real until they started filming. “The first day I walked into the set, I was like, ‘Oh my god, we’ve really done this. We’re here, we’re doing this,’ so it was surreal,” she says.

Zoey , the follow-up to Nickelodeon’s hit series, Zoey , sees Zoey (Spears) reunite with some of her PCA alumni for Quinn (Erin Sanders). and Logan’s (Matthew Underwood) wedding. Sean Flynn, Christopher Massey and Abby Wilde also reprise their roles as Chase, Michael and Stacey, respectively.

The actress said she “always dreamed” of the opportunity to reprise her role, which was an important part of her childhood. “It’s one of those things that I’m not sure is going to happen,” she added. “But I’ve always dreamed of being able to do that and see where she is.”

Before filming the film, the cast also reunited on the pandemic skit show “All That” and posted a TikTok video together in October 2020.

Spears also told the outlet that she doesn’t just credit the cast and crew for bringing the reunion movie to life.

“The fans were the only reason we did it the first time, and they’re absolutely the only reason we did it the second time,” she said. ‘” So we worked hard and finally made it a reality, all because of the fans.”

Spears added that the movie was definitely “worth the wait.” “I think we treated them (fans) fairly,” she continued. “I think they’ll be happy.”

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