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“Jane Birkin has the quality she deserves” – so said Vogue magazine in 1966.Here Are Her Best Looks From Magazines

Jane Birkin has everything you need – hoodie, tunic, pants
Jane’s beautiful new The pet boa – the one you briefly saw on the previous page – weskit is a long snake print dress in brown silk jersey; the sleeves drop to the wrists and the skirt folds diagonally. Turnout for Jean Muir. Jane (centre left) is wearing a beige, black and red checked square scarf over a tulle chiffon coat and black crepe trousers with red flowers. Author: Ossie Clark; Printed by Celia Burtwell. Gripwa’s necklace was sprinkled with Jane’s own amulets and chains. Francois Villon shoes. Very local, left—Jane wore a flap jersey tunic in a green like the forest of Chantilly; pants with jacquards on each leg alternated between moss green, violet and light gray. by microphone mike. McSander belt.

Photographed by Bert Stern, “Vogue”, June 499

Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg | Better Than Cash – Mini Leggy Midi for Price Jane Birkin – girl with cat green eyes and flowing hair. Young and happy…his girl of the year. Laughing with her best boyfriend, Serge Gainsbourg. Both were white-hot stars, debuted in Europe and are now hitting college campuses across the country with their super debut album “Je T’Aime”. Written by Serge, and their film— catchphrase, marijuana. Jane’s next photo, without Serge, movement… For these six pages, she’s moving and shaping the kind of free-spirited fashion that all modern girls love— All this for a cute little price… $88 Wrap it up, left, watch Jane and Serge rap together, tied to a tugboat – War – Jane’s midi dress is cut from forest-green matte jersey and has slits to show off her long legs. Crimson jersey wrap top and red jersey wrap serge. All: Blousecraft by Maxime de La Falaise. Rayon (style trend fabric). Capezio boots. $ Purchased an Empire for Jane B as follows: a soft black Knitted mid-length shirt, all with a low neckline design and a small tie on the chest. Acrylic jersey. 88 – Kloss-Pruzan department. Danecraft’s necklace. Battani patent leather boots. Jane’s Hairstyle, these six pages, by Franklin Wells. 1971

Photographed by Bert Stern, Vogue, June 89

Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg | Cash is more stylish – mid-length cardigan with briefs and pants
$80 to pick out the prettiest panties, left: Serge reined in the hem a bit when Jane wore them – camel mid-calf panties tucked into snakeskin boots, Prepare to whip up a storm below. Matching midi cardigan. Designed by Maxime de La Falaise for Blousecraft. Wool, nylon and angora (tussah silk). Michael Danyon collar. Capezio boots. $60 walked away with pants (on the right) and a great cardigan —Jane lets it swing free, with some bare midriff visible; Serge backs her up. Both are made from brown matte jersey. Designed by Maxime de La Falaise for Blousecraft. Rayon (style trend fabric). Sandals by Bernardo. Elegant braided belt.


Photographed by Bert Stern,


June 1971

Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg | Better than cash– Legless Midis
$ knit into the longest, tightest cardigan ever, far left: brown knit with buttons down to the ankle – when Jane wore it, it was mostly buttonless, showing a lot of leg , with a little help from Serge. Designed by Maxime de La Falaise for Blousecraft. Made of wool, nylon and angora (tussah silk fabric). Long plexiglass pendant by Thomas Bobbins. $60 cobbles together a look to grab, left, Serge grabs. A cropped green jersey top and playful green jersey midi pants are fastened with leather and unbuttoned below the thigh. Designed by Maxime de La Falaise for Blousecraft. Wool, nylon and angora (tussah silk). Elegant belt. Capezio boots. $ Panties so she can poke her legs through and be soft. Amber matte rayon jersey. Blousecraft (fashion fabric) by Maxime de La Falaise. Thomas Robbins pendant. 1971

Photography by Patrick Lichfield, Vogue, marching , 19711971

The Great American Shirt Life: Jane Birkin tells it here and over the next six pages
Jane is the type who likes to wake up every morning with an adventure waiting for her. She loves bouncing around, running out to meet people, rolling up her shirtsleeves and running – to the beach, to the store, to the movies… her latest, with Yul Brynner and Serge Gainsbourg’s Romance of the Horse Thief

put her on the run in Yugoslavia for several months. After returning to Paris, Jane took off her shirt sleeves at night and let her long, thick brown hair fall. She feels completely at home whether in her own apartment or someone else’s. Here is the apartment of the brilliant young decorator François Catrouh and his dashing blond wife Betty…Jane is wearing a white voile blouse (far left) which is just a sheer beauty with a deep V-neck, Wrapped in a Goya red satin bodice and a black swirl skirt. Polyester and cotton shirt by Kay Busgang for Alice Stuart. Corset by Helene MacGregor for The Chelsea Cobbler. When you lower the shirt sleeves, go closer to the left to really accentuate that – like the crisp white cuffs on this white striped white tunic shirt in Jane, with white lace on the legs. Sibley – Coffee cotton shirt; soda and diamond fabric. Leggings: Bonnie Dunn. 1971

Photograph by Patrick Litchfield,

Vogue, Marching 15 , 1971

shirt life with shorts, panties… and Jane Birkin
Grab an Edwardian swell shirt and tie, this page, in white – white stripes with terracotta hairline – laced in studded leather and paired with a taupe poplin cape with matching shorts… Whether today, tomorrow or any day, your look can be easily controlled. Cotton shirts from custom shop. Cotton cape and shorts from Luba for Elite. Junior size. Belt: elegant. Watch: Sheffield. Cape Town, approx $60; shorts, approx $24. Shoulder bags, watches, eyelet belts—they were all part of a body-hugging shirting look, left: a suede shantung safari shirt and fawn suede shorts. Arrow blouse; Qiana nylon (rosewood fabric). Celia Sebiri bag from Henri Bendel. Watch: Jacques Ferré’s designs for Simonelle. Elegant belt. Joanna Rubens underwear for El Greco.


Photo by Patrick Lichfield,

“Vogue”, marching , 1971


shirt life with jumpsuit, tie… and Jane Birkin

Let your blouse shine and your shorts sparkle, left – pair it with this chic navy skirt that you can tuck the belt under with a wide opening. Button front jersey jumpsuit from Weber in Qiana nylon (Webco Mills). Gareth’s belt. Khaki wool skirt from Cacharel. The striped shirt is on his back, isn’t it—the freshest thing you can put on; wrap it up in the signature jumbo tie and tie it with a leather belt around the waist. Shirt, from Custom Shop, burgundy and white cotton stripes. D’Naz belt. 1971

Photo by Patrick Lichfield, Vogue, Marching 15, 1971

shirt life with breeches, shorts…and Jane Birkin
this navy The blue jersey sweatshirt, right, is perfect for some of your trendiest looks – the little printed trousers and white lace legs are what we saw for the evening. Gregory shirt in Qiana nylon (Webco Mills fabric). Watches: Seiko, Universal Geneva. Elegant belt…. The hooded evening shirt worn by Jane (top right) has a playful, sparkly fashion sense: she wears a seductive open and wrap shirt with a large sparkly buckle in black Extend all the way to the toes. Florence Alper shirt in Qiana nylon (Webco Mills fabric) for Contessa Monique. Belt by MiShelly Creations for Bonwit Teller. This page: Belle-Sharmeer tights; rain shoes…short shorts, long legs, far right, and a really quick swoop, almost to the waist – you can’t wait for the night to come so you can be in Among them showed the loveliest look, just like Jane. Matson shirt and shorts in Qiana nylon (a Webco Mills fabric). Hector Jorge collar. Danaz Belt.


Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg from 1971 Segment of sitting with Bert Stern Photographed by Bert Stern, Vogue, June 1971

Photographed by Bert Stern, Vogue, June 1971



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