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Janet Jackson talks Tom Brown, Paris and her most iconic Y2K looks

Reliable fashion forward Janet Jackson arrives at Tom Brown’s spring 2023 show in a look that subtly mixes male and female prep codes . College-prepared ensembles are a natural progression that Jackson does best. For decades, she’s blurred and mixed traditional gender lines: the baggy oversized blazer she wore in “When I Think of You”; her fitted “Rhythm Nation” military uniform; in 1993 On the VMA, a leather bandeau is paired with baggy jeans. “Even when I was a kid, I loved wearing suits and ties and bow ties,” Jackson said. “I’m very much like a tomboy, but I’m still at this stage of my life.”

Tom Brown has become Miss Jackson’s reliable choice at this stage of her life. The singer affectionately calls him “Thom Up,” a nod to the designer’s ability to continually improve and innovate. She wore Brown’s knockout look, which included a dramatic top hat, as a clever callback to Jackson’s velvet rope tour, which was in 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

Jackson, 56, Says the process of styling with Browne was effortless. For her appearance at Brown’s Paris Fashion Week show, Jackson said she told the famous designer, “What I’m looking for: I want to wear one of his incredible hats, and I want my shirt to be What, I want to wear one of his student jackets and skirts. He basically took it from there, boy, did he take it?” Trust and understanding seemed to be a key part of their relationship. “I was explaining, but in a nutshell, he was like, ‘I got you. Let me bring something over here. That’s what it is… He’s a genius.’

The final product is the perfect combination of Jackson and Tom Brown’s signature aesthetics. Jackson wore a well-cut, well-cut skirt suit, a towering honeycomb hairstyle, platform heels, and a Wall Street-appropriate leather tote.

Jackson said she was delighted to be back in Paris – a city that means a lot to her – for Browne and Louis Vuitton’s respective shows. When asked about her favorite experience in the City of Lights, she replied: “I have two memories of Paris. My memory of the first time I came here, when I was fourteen. I remember falling in love immediately [ The city]. I was here with my sister La Toya, who was on a promotional tour for one of her projects with my mother. It was then that I knew I wanted to go back to Paris, and I Going to go back to Paris. It was as beautiful then as it is today.”



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