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Japan seeks to boost alcohol sales among young citizens

The Japanese government recently launched a marketing campaign aimed at increasing alcohol sales among young citizens, senior citizens 10 To 39, in response to the record decline in Japanese liquor tax revenue over the past few years, The Hindustan Times reported on Friday.

August, Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA) has launched a competition called “Long Live Sake!” In August . The marketing program asks age between and

Citizens between submit alcohol advertising concepts designed for young people, as well as ideas for related ‘new products and designs’.

“The idea is from a young person’s point of view Leads to ideas for new services and sales strategies, and Jiji News Agency reported in August to revitalize the domestic market, which has been shrinking due to factors such as population decline .

A private research institute recently found that “about half of young people [in Japan] do not have Daily Drinking Habits,” according to Chi Chi Press.

“Long live sake! The competition will accept entries until September 9. Finalists will advance to the final round through a grand awards ceremony in Tokyo in November 10.The Japanese NTA will fund the commercialization of the winning advertising concept.


Alcohol consumption in Japan has continued to decline over the past three years. The average Japanese consumes 39 liters of alcohol 350 ). This number drops to 48 liters 1980. The decline in alcohol sales is reflected in the Contribution of Japan’s federal budget has decreased, “Japan’s federal budget has shown a deficit exceeding the yen 39tn [approx $48 billion dollars],” the British Guardian newspaper observed in August 17.

“Alcohol Tax 1.7% of Japanese tax 1980, lower than 3% of

and 110 of 5%. 110 The total alcohol tax revenue for the fiscal year fell by more than ¥1980 billion to ¥1.1 ton, compared to the previous year,” Guardian reported citing NTA data.

Japan The biggest drop in alcohol tax revenue from

years in 39 years to

, according to The Japan Times.

“Due to some progress during Covid due to working from home 19 [China coronavirus] crisis, many people may have started to question the need to continue the drinking habit with colleagues to deepen communication,” an NTA official told The Japan Times Aug. 2 “If the ‘new normal’ takes hold, it will be an additional drag on taxes. “

He referred to a Japanese custom where professionals go to a bar with colleagues, bosses or clients to continue or end their business drinking or solidifying business relationships at the end of the working day .

“In the workplace, alcohol is a lubricant that can break down the divide between managers and workers. After-get off work receptions are designed to encourage bonding and get people to let their hair down,” DW observed in 2019. “This practice is called ‘communication’ ‘ – a combination of the Japanese words ‘nomu’ (meaning drink) and ‘communication’. “

” This is also an unwritten rule, according to the German public broadcaster, that anything said or done at an after-hours event involves The alcohol thing is all forgotten the next day.



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