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Japan's art council platform Skeb bans AI art

Skeb, a Japanese art commissioning platform, announced on its Twitter account on Friday that AI submissions will be banned Artistic works into the “Illustration” category, including works created only in part using AI software. Staff are personally screening submissions to detect signs of AI use and gather creator input on the issue.

The company explained that this measure is to prevent customer dissatisfaction and to prevent potential problems such as money laundering. Skeb recommends but does not require artists to submit their work as PSD files for easy inspection. Skeb will allow customers to download artwork as PSD and PNG files, warning that it can be difficult to determine if an illustration contains AI-generated parts if it is not a PSD file.

In October, Skeb announced that it would introduce methods to make it harder for crawlers and bots to extract art published on Skeb for AI learning programs Works. FANZA, DLsite, and

Niconico have also issued statements regarding their AI-generated art policies.

Thousands of Japanese artists, including famous manga creators and animators, use Skeb. Popular users include creator Ryoma Kitada and character designer Mel Kishida .

Source: Skeb’s Twitter account via Hachima Kik®̄

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