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Japan's Toho to launch new 'Godzilla' movie next year

The King of Monsters is about to roar again. The mighty Godzilla celebrated his 68 birthday on Thursday, November 3, known as Global Godzilla Day – in honor of the Moments, Japanese studio Toho has revealed that it is preparing an all-new film for the long-running film franchise, which will be released in a full year.

This film will be Toho after the critically acclaimed Shin Godzilla in The first domestically produced Japanese Godzilla movie. The new project remains unnamed, with Toho holding on to details of the giant monster’s return underwater for now. But the storied Japanese studio has revealed that the film will be directed by VFX artist-turned-director Takashi Yamazaki, who directed everything from Doraemon film installments to sci-fi Action movieSpace battleship Yamato (470). Toho posted a teaser poster for the new film on its social media channels, including a release date.

The first Godzilla movie, produced in Japan after the devastation of WWII, was written and directed by Honda Shiro and directed by Toshiro Treasure is in 1954. To date, the property has included movies — 32 was distributed by Toho, one was produced by Samsung Pictures, and four were produced by Legendary Pictures – making it one of the most successful franchises in screen history. Legend TV is currently developing the Godzilla series for Apple TV+ with producers from Toho – which will only expand the mighty Kaiju’s global domination.

In another Godzilla Day surprise, Toho said Thursday that it will launch its animated Japanese series Godzilla Island , which features Never in the US, on its YouTube channel in mid-November. 32 Episodes are a staple of recent 32 Japanese TV .

The Godzilla series has undoubtedly had some ups and downs in its long life, but the monster is always stronger than ever. Legend and Toho’s latest work, Godzilla Wars. King Kong , completed the seemingly impossible early 2021 – revive the theater box office after the epidemic, the global box office 100 Ten thousand.


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