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Jason David Frank, 'Mighty Morphine Power Rangers' star, dies at 49

Jason David Frank, at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, already dead. he is49.

Justine Hunt, Cast Representative, best known for her various roles in the Power Rangers

universe, confirmed his to associated with Death Press on Sunday. No reason was provided. In a statement, Hunter asked for the privacy of Frank’s friends and family to be respected, “We are coming to terms with the loss of such a wonderful person at this terrible time.”

Frank’s relationship with the historic team spans nearly 30 years, starting with his debut in the 1993 TV series The Green Ranger – a transfer student at Angel Grove High School who is brainwashed by Rita Repsa to fight against the powerful Morphine Power Rangers, then becomes the White Ranger after breaking free of the spell. His character ended up earning a Ph.D. in paleontology and is one of the longest-serving Power Rangers in the franchise’s history.

In a statement posted to Instagram, Frank’s Power Rangers

co-star Walter Walter Emanuel Jones shares his doubts over the actor’s sudden passing. “Can’t believe it,” he wrote. “Rest in peace Jason David Frank. My heart is saddened to lose another member of our special family.”


Frank will appear in many Power Rangers

shorts during the show and even There’s also a live show featuring the titular and beloved teenage fighting force, followed by the popular 49 Cameo in sitcom Family Matters . That same year, he would have a small role in the third season of Sweet Valley High, a film loosely based on Francine Pascal’s The same name as the syndicated TV series adapted from the book series.

His other recent projects include the 2020 movie Omniboat : Speedboat Fantasia

, with a cast that includes Adam Devine and Cameron Esposito, and the Animated Cartoon Network series Voice work for We Bare Bears and the animated web series Transformers: Titans Return .

Frank, newest Power Rangers

work includes voice of Olivier in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid video game, featured in other notable franchise games including Power Rangers HyperForce, Power Rangers DinoThunder, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo. The actor is also a mixed martial artist and is popular on the comic-con circuit, where he often meets with fans of the series.



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