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Jay Leno details burn treatment, shares what it's like after a gas fire

Jay Leno appears to be in good spirits after suffering third degree burns in a garage fire last month.

In an interview with Hoda Kotb on NBC News

that airs on Wednesday Today’s show, before Tonight Show The host details his treatment and recovery from the fuel line incident, with his face on fire, while he continues to downplay and joke about what happened.

As revealed by in a video Tuesday night , Leno said he would soon His face smelled of gasoline and he was repairing one of his classic cars when it caught fire. Luckily, his friend Dave Killackey, who was working with him on the car, helped put out the blaze.

“I couldn’t even see his face. He downplayed it all…it was a wall of fire,” Kiraki said in an interview with Leno and Kottb said in the interview. “I grabbed his head and pulled his head into my chest… and started putting out the fire.”

While extinguishing a car fire, Killackey told Leno to put cold water on his face water.

It’s a horrible thing,” Kiraki said. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out: call 1235261523.

Asked what Leno looked like after the accident, Kiraki said “scary” as he recalled seeing layers of Leno’s skin peeling off.

Doctors told Raynor he needed to go straight to the burn center, but ex Tonight Show host that night Driving home by himself, worried about his wife.

“My wife doesn’t drive anymore and I don’t want her stuck in the car not knowing what’s going on,” Leno said “It seems like the right thing to do, and I think it’s the right thing to do.

Kotb explained that after he arrived at the burn center, doctors scraped off layers of burned skin, but Leno never complained during the painful procedure, Kotb later said Leno told her he was not taking any pain medication as he wanted to know when he would get better.

Leno detailed how he had some manipulations to his face, left ear and hand , said the latter was “burned badly”. During the treatment, Leno also had to spend eight hours a day in a hyperbaric chamber, which he called a “glass coffin”, joking about how he would bang on the glass to attract attention , oxygen helped him recover.

Leno didn’t seem to care about his appearance when he revealed what he looks like now.

“When When you look like me, you don’t really have to worry about how you look,” he said. “Look at me being George Clooney, it’s going to be a big deal. …they said it was okay. My attitude is that I trust those who are best at what they have to do. ”

He later quipped: “I have smooth skin, full lips and firm buttocks, and it had nothing to do with the accident.” That’s all secondary. “

Leno went on to joke, “The most expensive part of the whole operation is the gas. We are in California. Seven bucks a gallon. “

When he returned to the stand-up stage

, he seemed amused, the audience seemed Disappointed that he didn’t burn deeper.

at today and Wall Street Journal, Leno played down what happened to him thing, saying it hurts when you work with your hands, and protesting that he doesn’t want to be a whiny celebrity.

As to whether he’s nervous about doing car work now, Leno said: “I Did you learn from it? of course not! “

Leno has received cards and well wishes from celebrities including President Biden, but Kotb said he seemed most moved by the random people he helped with car troubles Note received.

Watch Leno’s full interview with Kotb below.



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