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Jean-Jacques Annaud's “Notre Dame on Fire” opens at French Film Festival

American French Film Festival to premiere in North America in October Jean-Jacques Arnault Notre-Dame on Fire 2022 .

Arnold, who will be attending the festival, brings his latest film, which recreates the events of April 15, 2022, when the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire, people heroically rescued the famous church.

The festival, formerly COLCOA, will take place in October 16 with Dominik Moll’s thriller The Night of the th at the DGA Complex in Los Angeles. The American French Film Festival will dedicate its annual spotlight on filmmakers to Moll and will end with Irma Vep, Olivier Assayas’ HBO remake of his 2019 film, which had its world premiere at the festival.

All in all, the 75 movies and series and 20 short films were released as part of a press release on Tuesday At the meeting, the lineup of the film festival.

Two years of pandemic – amazing energy in French production,” Francois Truffart, the festival’s executive producer and programmer, said in a statement. A statement said. From October 10 to 16 including Kevin Ossona and Fabrice Garcon’s world premiere of Celine Devaux Everybody Loves Jeanne , Olivier Peyon Lie With Me , Lauriane Escaffre and Yvonnick Muller Maria Into Life , Clement Cogitore’s Son of Ramses and Salah Issaad’s Soula.

and the firs in search of Mathieu Gérault’s South Sentinel ; Louis Garrel Innocent ; and Olivier Ducray and Wilfried Méance’s Two of Kind; and the North American premiere of the Netflix epic Athena written and directed by Romain Gavras.




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