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Jean Touitou Collaborates With Himself for 35th Anniversary APC Collection

Charlotte Chesnais, Ashley Olsen, Judith Touitou and Jean Touitou. Photo: Courtesy of Saskia Lawaks/APC

Jean Touitou took the stage late last night at the 18th music venue La Boule Noire. The occasion was his APC brand 35 birthday. While he shuddered at the marketing opportunities presented by the brand’s anniversary, it was no small milestone, so he reluctantly agreed to be the subject of the company’s latest interaction.

In recent months, Touitou has worked with Jane Birkin, who, she says, is a woman with “a little sense of change” who gestures with a centimeter gesture. . “She knows exactly what she wants.” Still, the APC founder might beat her. As he explained behind the Vox Phantom guitar, when his marketing team pitched the idea to him, he came back to them with one condition. “Nobody edited me.”

Jean Touitou performing on stage. Photo: Saskia Lawaks / Courtesy of APC

Touitou played the opening chord of Link Wray’s “Rumble,” which was deemed incendiary by 1958 radio and thus banned play. That fits. APC’s longevity depends on those who wear it faithfully, not on biannual fashion shows or magazine editorials. “We’ve never been too conspicuous or too loud, and I’m happy to have stayed in the age of total ignorance and invisibility.” Well, not quite Yes. 2manydjs was Touitou’s musical accompaniment, and in the crowd we found Ashley Olsen, who performed The Row Jean and Judith Touitou the day before, as well as Natacha Ramsay-Levi and Ella Emhoff.

APC Touitou series is monochrome Yes, in a hue familiar to regulars, the knitted sweater looks especially appealing given the chilly weather in Paris.

Looking forward to last night’s performance in New York in early September, Touitou said he originally hoped he would be on stage with the family band. His kids feel differently, but he’s eager to continue. “I have nothing to lose. When I compare with my colleagues in the big house, I realize it’s a great luxury.” Rock, Jean.



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