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Jeb Burton wins chaotic Talladega Xfinity game in overtime

Burton took the lead after a four-car crash on lap 111 put the race under the second red flag of the day and sent it into overtime.

Debris on the track sent the game into a second overtime period, this time Burton comfortably ahead of Sheldon Creed to close him by 0.113 seconds to win his 2023 First win.

Jordan’s first win at Anderson Racing and Burton’s second career win, also at Talladega in 2021.

It’s transmission,” Burton said. “Man, I’m out of breath from yelling.

“Dude, something happened in the offseason. I’m more focused now than ever and these guys have made racing fun for me again. Four of our little teams, don’t you Know how big this is. It’s huge. We’re locked into the playoffs.

“I promise you one thing, we’re going to drink a lot of beer tonight. “

Saturday’s race lasted just over three hours and there were two red flags – one for the car that rolled six times and the other for the car that ended up hanging on the hood — and 10 warnings.

Parker Kligerman finished 3rd, Cole Custer took 4th and won $100,000 in Dash4Cash, and Brennan Poole rounded out the top five.

Custer, Burton, Creed and Kligerman will qualify next weekend at Dover (Del .) Motor Speedway.

Stage 3

After the break between Stages 2 and 3, the leading cars all pitted, with Daniel Hemric pit pit first for a fuel-only stop.

at Hemric was followed by Derek Kraus, Ryan Truex, John Hunter Nemechek and Sammy Smith at the restart on lap 55.

Austin Hill ran outside Hemric on lap 62 and raced

Sammy Smith was knocked out by Brandon Jones at Turn 2 and hit the interior wall giving fourth warning of the race.

Few cars in pitted under warning, but Hill remained on track and in the lead when the race returned to green on lap 70.

On lap 75, Sam Mayer spun at Turn 1, The accident also involved Brandon Jones and Riley Herbst, which prompted the fifth warning of the race.

Most of the lead-lap cars pitted under warning, but Truex stayed on track and inherited the lead Status.

When the race resumed on lap 80, Truex was followed by Brett Moffitt and Nemechek. Hill was one of those who pitted and finished 22nd.

Nemechek came loose on lap 82, spun and hit the interior wall, which brought the race back on a warning.

Several teams decided to pit, but when the race ended on lap 90 Moffitt remained on track and in the lead when green came back.

Ryan Sieg passed Moffitt into the lead on lap 91 for the first time in the race.

Josh Berry knocked Hill’s nose on lap 94, earning his seventh warning of the race. Ryan Sieg held the lead at the restart on lap 99.

On lap 101, Mayer swerved and caused an accident involving Kraus, Justin Allgaier and Berry, which put the race back on a cautious note.

The race returned to green six laps later with Ryan Sieg still in the lead followed by Moffitt, Hemric, Kligerman and Burton.

Hemric moved up to the lead on lap 110, but when he tried to stop Moffitt on lap 111, he turned and caused a multi-car chain reaction accident that sent Hemric’s #11 car upside down , and raised the second red flag of the race.

Burton inherited the lead after the crash. After a long cleanup, the race briefly returned to caution before going into two-lap overtime.

At the restart, Burton was followed by Creed, Kligman, Poole and Kelsig.

NASCAR was forced to issue a warning on the first lap of overtime due to debris from Hill’s No. 21 car at Turns 1 and 2, which sent the race into the second Overtime.

At the restart, Burton was followed by Creed, Kyle Sieg, Kligerman and Poole.

Stage 2

Burton had a serious crash on the back with two laps to go in his stage 2 victory, so please Proceed with caution.

Chandler Smith was second, Truex third, Berry fourth and Hill rounded out the top five.

After the break between stages 1 and 2, the leading cars all pitted, with Truex leaving the pit road first. Hill was penalized for speeding on the pit track and had to restart from the back of the field.

At the restart on lap 32, Truex took the lead, followed by Allgaier and Nemechek.

Moffitt took the lead on lap 34 but lost to Allgaier on lap 36.

On lap 38, Parker Chase was cornered by raus, causing an accident, Parker Chase and Anthony Alfredo and warning the race.

A handful of cars pitted under warning, but Moffitt remained on track and in the lead when the race returned to green on lap 43. Burton took the lead for the first time on lap 44.

On lap 48, Dexter Stacey appeared to come loose and slid out of Turn 2 and hit Blaine Perkins’ car, which was hit by Jade Buford, then airborne and rolled – Rolling off race Said six times.

A wheel of the Perkins car bounced off the track and hit the nose of Kaz Grala’s car. NASCAR immediately red-flagged the race, which lasted nearly 12 minutes and included some track surface repairs.

After being taken by ambulance to Infield Care Centre, Perkins was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation.

Burton maintained the lead as the race remained cautious to close out the stage.

Stage 1

Allgaier took the lead with a lap to go before beating Creed for stage 1 victory.

Mayer is third, Burton is fourth and Hill rounds out the top five.

Hill started on pole and took the lead on lap one, but Retzlaff quickly took the lead on lap two. Alfredo passed him for the lead on lap 3.

On lap 8, Hemric took the lead and Alfredo fell to second, with Moffitt third.

Creed dropped back to the front on lap 13 and dominated most of the remainder of the stage until Allgaier took the lead on lap 22.

Mayer, Custer and Kligerman had to start from the back of the field due to unapproved adjustments to their cars.



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