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Jennette McCurdy Reacts to 'Overwhelming' Response to Her New Best-Selling Memoir 'I'm So Glad My Mom Died'

Janet McCurdy

Brian Kingsley/Simon & Schuster

Whether you follow her as a young comedian or not, Jennette McCurdy has bravely overcame the many obstacles that have come her way over the years , and now she rightfully has the last laugh. Her candid new memoir with a catchy title
I’m glad my mom diedquickly sold out on Amazon, And has become one of the leading hot items discussed throughout the entertainment world. Arguably the biggest news came this week for McCurdy, when it was announced that her book was officially a New York Times bestseller.

“It feels incredible, it’s overwhelming,” McCurdy told me as she reacted to her new best-selling authorship. “I screamed for a long time when I found out.”

InI’m so happy my mom Dead , McCurdy shares her cautionary tale about child stardom, including her early years of hand manipulation and mentorship from her late mother Debra, who died of cancer in 2013 . McCurdy has bravely opened up about her eating disorder, her struggles with mental health and the inappropriate behavior she says she endured while working at Nickelodeon, where she starred in kid-friendly shows like Icarrie and Sam and the cat .

Between McCurdy’s ongoing press tour, her in-person book events with fans, and her conversations with supporters on social media, she realized that sharing her Her story not only helped her heal, but gave others the strength to confront their own struggles.

“It’s really moving to me, people’s reactions. Often they’ll share their own lives with me. Usually a long hug. There Sometimes they cry. Sometimes we laugh together. Sometimes they tell me they are encouraged to set a boundary for unhealthy relationships in their lives. It feels like a humanity and connection I never experienced when I was recognized in the past It’s really cute, refreshing, and effective, and I hope they do too.”

Stop being silent these days and face the world in her own way, I asked McCurdy how she would express her The mindset and approach to business and life have evolved from her early television days to the present.

Janet McCurdy

Brian Kingsley

“That’s a good question. My number one priority is supporting my mental health, both in life and in business, and if it passes, I’ll be concerned Authenticity, I think it’s a very “popular” word, it may seem “flash”, but I’m really trying to get things through the filter of , is this feeling in my bones, in my soul? Is this something I need to do? I am very willing to just do what I believe in my heart

Now that she’s carrying a real hit memoir and continues to gain worldwide attention with her bold storytelling, I wonder what McCurdy Step wants to do what to continue her career.

“I would love to write more books. I am actually writing a novel and a collection of essays right now, which is very creative for me. I Would love to continue moving in that direction. Directing is a deep passion of mine. I love working with the crew and actors. I really find a lot of joy in it and would love to direct more if the opportunity arises.”

Back on June 26, McCurdy celebrated her 30th birthday. Entering a new decade in the shadow of her late mother, I asked McCurdy what she hoped her 30s would bring to her overall appearance and health.

Janet McCurdy

Brian Kingsley

“The 20’s was such an unexpected roller coaster, so I’m grateful I feel more myself strong despite everything that’s going on around me, so I’m really hoping to take it Go. I have a lot of confidence that I didn’t have before, so I want to carry it with me. As for the outward side of all this, there are a lot of question marks, but I’m very excited and optimistic about the future and I’m sure whatever shows up is right.”

At McCurdy’s I’m so glad my mother passed away
at the beginning of her memoir, she dedicated her book to her three older brothers Marcus, Dustin, and Scotty, she told me she loved and appreciated it so much, and continues Said her relationship with her siblings was the most important in her life today.

As we begin to wrap up our conversation, I wonder what message McCurdy has for her longtime loyal fans and readers of her popular memoir.

Jennette McCurdy joins a supportive reader for her new book ‘I’m So Happy My Mom “The Book Activity is Dead” memoir.

@jennettemccurdy (Instagram)

“I really appreciate the emotional connection people seem to have with this book. I couldn’t have predicted it would resonate with so many people. Really overwhelming in the best way possible. It’s unfortunate if one touches on some of the more difficult aspects of the book. I hope we can all get through this with a smile. That seems to be the case, so I’m really glad people seem to find humor in tragedy and hopefully heal from it. “

After years of struggling silently while putting on a happy face for the camera, McCurdy stands out indisputably, her The voice has been a powerful guide for many others. I leave McCurdy with one last reflection question: Janet McCurdy today wants to say to Jen who has had to deal with the pressures of being a child star and manipulative guidance from your mother What did Nette say – did you wish you had said comforting words that you had heard at the time that would give you more support and make you feel like you could actually go on and get better in the end?

Jennette McCurdy Toddler.

Jennette McCurdy

“I wish I could go back and tell myself you’ll be fine. you will be fine. You will go after what you want to pursue, achieve the dream you want to achieve, and you will be who you are.



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