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Jennifer Aniston Tries Some (Very Fashionable) Lymphatic Drainage Boots On For Size

Lymphatic drainage has become a hot topic in recent months. Google searches for the term “lymphatic drainage massage” have doubled in the last 30 days alone, and social media is also full of people documenting their attempts to de-puff and shift water retention, whether by way of a gua sha tool or a brisk walk.


Jennifer Aniston is not immune to the trend, either: The star just posted a selection of summer snaps on Instagram, one of which shows her lying down in a fitness studio wearing some lymphatic drainage (or compression) boots. What are they, I hear you ask? They use compressed air and inflate and deflate around the user’s legs, which mechanically mobilizes the body’s natural lymphatic drainage system.

They’re also said to be great for improving circulation, shifting toxins, reducing recovery time from hard workouts, and generally helping to improve joint health. The rhythmic movement also makes them rather relaxing.

While you can buy your own for home use – Therabody’s RecoveryAir Prime Pneumatic Compression Boots are said to be excellent, but will set you back $599–a number of experts now incorporate their use into wider salon treatments. 

If they’re good enough for Jennifer…



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