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Jennifer Coolidge just delivered the most Jennifer Coolidge Emmy speeches ever

Few things you can trust in Hollywood: The sequel ( almost) will always be worse, Tom Hanks will always be charming, Jennifer Coolidge will always be Jennifer Coolidge. The latter on Monday Emmys night when she got up to accept Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Tanya McQuoid in The White Lotus

and Delivered a memorable speech, as you’d expect:

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true form, it’s hard to tell if Coolidge did a little or is doing % Sincerely; she keeps talking about her “additional music” (as we all know, it signaling to the winners of the awards ceremony that it’s time to leave the stage) begins, and at one point exclaims, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I’m full! I’m full!” (OK, “complete” Partly referring to aactualbit in her earlier acceptance speech, but it’s still pretty charming.)

Just as Coolidge’s consternation at not being able to complete her thank you list turns from “interesting” For “Is she alright??” she gave a slight shake, lightly reassuring the audience that everything was fine. Was the whole thing planned, or was it Jennifer Coolidge’s organic way of accepting the Emmys? We may never know.



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