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Jennifer Coolidge Talks TikTok Beauty Tutorial, “Baby Dolphin” Skin, and Her #GRWM-Inspired Super Bowl Ad

This collaboration makes sense in so many ways, not only is Coolidge in her prime, she’s also a longtime advocate of veganism and cruelty-free products, which are also Pixie values. “A lot of the lines kind of trick you, and when you actually read between the lines, they’re not completely free of abuse,” says Coolidge, who coordinates with makeup artists to ensure the products she uses on the red carpet or looks for events All in line with her principles. “I love the pixie stuff—it’s really like vegan. And it’s super affordable.”

Coolidge also notes that the brand’s brushes are great for applying, and she should Know: Before launching her acting career, Coolidge attended the Joe Blasco School in Los Angeles, where she studied special effects, fashion, and cosmetology (classes included a mortuary makeup class, No Corpse). “I kind of thought maybe I’d be a makeup artist, but I’m not the best in class, and if you’ve chosen that as a career, who wants to be mediocre at something?” To us and our dopamine levels Luckily for Coolidge, it was acting, but she picked up a few tricks in her beautiful days.

“If you have dark under eyes, like black or blue, you can actually mix orange makeup in your concealer and it will completely cover the blue, or yellow cover Red,” she said. “Everyone is on TikTok now showing you how to cut your face in half and give yourself a different chin.” Coolidge is a huge fan of TikTok beauty tutorials, and modern beauty’s shunning manners.

“The way girls do their faces now — there are no rules,” she said. “You can do things out of order, and all these glowing creams. You can leave your table in the dining room and say, ‘Oh my God, I look like I’ve been run over,’ and then you can put on your make-up.” Put some sort of shiny primer or cream on your face and lovingly transform your look, like rejuvenate your face, in a fraction of the time.”

Liked Eyelashes, eyeliner, contouring, and general makeup rituals. “I think it’s very therapeutic, and sometimes I get so depressed after it’s over.” Fans of The White Lotus (and Coolidge’s Tanya) certainly know the feeling… …



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