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Jennifer Lawrence makes personal plea: Save our democracy and vote in the midterms

What happened to our country?

Like many Americans, I am very impressed with Roe v. Wade

is deeply disturbed . I am troubled by personal reasons because I am a woman and a mother. I’m troubled because history shows that banning abortion doesn’t stop abortion; it stops safe abortion. I am troubled because the Supreme Court ruling will disproportionately affect poor women and women of color, and because this country has done so little to help mothers.

It’s scary that a nine-person court can revoke the rights most Americans support. approximately30% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in some or all circumstances. It’s not just 66 millions of people. Yet the six justices appointed by the three Republican presidents were able to accept that right away.

I’m heartened by what’s happening in Kansas, though. In early August, voters there came out against their representatives and rejected a referendum that would have removed abortion rights from the state constitution. A huge victory for abortion rights in a historically conservative country shows that political divisions in this country are not always as wide-ranging as many of our politicians would like us to think. The Kansas vote also showed what is possible when Americans exercise their right to vote.

at a pro-choice sign in Wichita, Kansas, last month.

Photo: Getty Images
A prochoice sign in Wichita Kansas last month.nbsp



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