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Jennifer Lawrence Says She's 'Nervous' Working With Method Actors, Shares Lessons From Christian Bale's Acting Skills

Every actor has their own acting skills, but for Jennifer Lawrence , there is one in particular that makes her very uneasy.

Thursday show “

Hot Ones “Interview, No uncomfortable feeling Stars were asked about having different types Difficulties that people may face when working together to prepare for performances.

“I get nervous working with people who method [act],” she replied. “Because I don’t know how to talk to them, because I have to fit the role? That just makes me nervous.”

Method acting has always been a hot topic in the showbiz, support There are both supporters and opponents. Several actors also spoke out, including Andrew Garfield and Jeremy Strong, both committed to Because of the character’s immersive approach to acting, and Brian Cox, has publicly expressed his disapproval.

As for how she herself fits into the role, Lawrence explained how her technique has changed throughout her career, and she thanked an Oscar-winning actor for giving her a new idea.

“I was very on/off until I did American Scam and with Christian Bale cooperating, I noticed him the camera started rolling, the staff started to prepare, it will take about seconds to get going and he (Bell) will start getting ready,” the actress said. “I saw it and thought, ‘This seems like a good idea.'” So I started doing it. ”

Lawrence has made a name for himself in Hollywood over the past decade, starring in the

Hunger Games series, Winter’s Bone , American Hustle , X-War Police series, don’t look up , mother! and the screenplay of Silver Linings Play, which won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Later in the interview, Lawrence was also asked what skills she had learned for the character that could be transferred to her everyday life.

“I learned how to pick a lock Red sparrow . I haven’t used it yet, but it’s pretty cool to know I can,” she quipped, before adding that she also learned how to serve

Serena Hold the Falcon).

1235359117Lawrence’s latest movie,

no Uncomfortable feeling , released in June . 1235359117



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