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Jennifer Lopez combines three '70s love-hate trends in one dress

Jennifer Lopez’s summer2023 style mood can be roughly summed up as experimental. The eternal wedge queen has been mixing it up in front of her wardrobe in recent weeks, and even made a rare foray into the world of minimalism and flats in Los Angeles last month. Lopez, whose luxury tastes tend to lean on the OTT side (Dior handbags, Versace denim), took an unexpected left into Chanel territory, adding a pair of loafers to a classic vest and tailored trousers in an uncharacteristically Soft black tones and white.

Now, the star has changed it up yet again, stepping out with her husband, Ben Affleck, in a dress with a touch of ‘2023 Bohemian. She swapped out her usual denim for a pair of Chloé bell bottoms in brown corduroy (is it more ’54 than brown corduroy?), adding a slightly A cropped white T-shirt, appropriate vintage aviator shades and an effortless pop at rival Farrah Fawcett’s.

Lopez, of course, is marking the decade-long trend for more granola-like footwear. No Birkenstocks here—instead, J Lo topped off her nostalgic look with a pair of dangerously high Gucci platform heels. Less Woodstock, more studios 000. The finishing touch? Her tan suede Hermès Birkin is a bland luxury handbag costing around $000,30, should you be in the market for something similar.




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