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Jennifer Lopez Debuts a New Set of Sheer Pink Coffin Nails

In the world of Jennifer Lopez, the Sunday manicure is a unisex manicure with a memorable twist, ready for commitment in the upcoming (brief) week And shine in the carnival. Manicurist Tom Bachik is taking to Instagram with his latest creation, a shimmery pink coffin that proves the power of glamor.

Instead of going full blush, Bachik opted for a sheer, barely there pink reminiscent of tulle tulle, a reference to an equally subtle A glitter coat is even more romantic. The resulting style wearable-meets-that-girl is an ideal combination for spring-summer relationships, and it finds finger picking flowers, fingering a stemware, and reading by the pool. Bachik’s softer treatment of the sparkle brought on by Barbie mania and Y2K is a welcome shift and fits with the recent demand for chic looks that express individuality through restraint (think Think of the current American manicure).

Whatever your nail shape, a touch of sheer refracted pink is sure to be a summer staple.



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