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Jenrick calls for restoration of Project Speed

Robert Jenrick was sacked from cabinet in September 2021 and replaced as communities secretary by Michael Gove

Robert Jenrick was arrested in September 2021 Cabinet fired and replaced as community secretary Michael Gove

wrote on Saturday The Daily Telegraph , Robert Jenrick claims to applaud the ‘Project Speed’ initiative but says he has been removed from Cabinet since September 2021 Since the dismissal, the initiative has been abandoned.

He said the next prime minister should revive the plan to overturn forces hindering the delivery of basic energy infrastructure.

UK for decades – not just in energy infrastructure. The water crisis can be traced back to ongoing opposition to building new reservoirs in the Southeast. We’re still stuck in stagnant productivity as businesses can’t invest in capital projects.

A value veto on UK Plc is equally damaging in hampering vital energy infrastructure – building new nuclear power plants or wind farms is almost impossible. In government, I established Project Speed, a team of competent civil servants tasked with finding ways to speed up the delivery of critical infrastructure. It’s a complex and laborious job, but it’s likely to pay off. I was told that Project Speed ​​was de-prioritized and then abandoned. If we are to get new energy into our grid as quickly as possible, the next prime minister would be wise to restart it. “

The Project Velocity Task Force – more formally the Infrastructure Delivery Task Force – in the summer of 2020, led by then-Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This is the entire “Rebuild” Better” drive key.

at 30th In June 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Under the Chancellor’s leadership, Project Speed ​​will make recommendations to deliver the Government’s public investment programmes more strategically and efficiently. This will ensure we build the right stuff better and faster than ever before. “

While the Whitehall Working Group may have been sidelined, the Department for Transport (DfT) still appears to be running with it. It has set up an “acceleration unit” as Project Speed Part of the initiative, led by former Campaign for Better Transport CEO Darren Shirley. This gave rise to the rail project SPEED (Quick, Pragmatic and Efficient Enhanced Delivery), developed in conjunction with Network Rail.

The DfT Acceleration Unit expert panel includes former Skanska UK CEO Mike Putnam, WSP Director Rachel Skinner and Mace CEO Mark Reynolds.

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