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Jeremy Allen White Buying Flowers at the Farmers’ Market Is My Valentine’s Day Inspo

“I can buy myself flowers,” Miley Cyrus famously said (or was that Mrs. Dalloway?), and there’s at least one handsome, chain-smoking male celebrity who appears to have taken that truth to heart: Jeremy Allen White, who is seemingly addicted to buying flowers at farmers’ markets (a pretty wholesome addiction for Hollywood, IMO!) and made his latest foray out to stock up on les fleurs in Studio City a few weeks ago.

A celebrity making a purchase isn’t exactly news—they buy stuff all the time! They’re so rich! LMAO/sob!—but I’m appreciative of anyone who seems to have a routine in their life, especially someone who’s rocketing toward ultra-fame. Thanks to his starring role in FX’s The Bear, Jeremy Allen White is approaching household-name status (and that slutty lil’ Calvin campaign didn’t hurt either, IMO), but I love to imagine that his Sunday routine remains unchanged: He gets up, he smokes, he makes out with Rosalía, and then it’s off to the farmers’ market for a fresh bouquet of blooms.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and realistically, even the super-beautiful bouquet that White purchased (for himself? For his daughters? For Rosalía? I need answers!) will be drooping by then, not to be morbid. Hopefully, though, that means we’ll get to see White join the parade of semi-deadbeat husbands and boyfriends lining up to buy their sweeties last-minute flowers on February 14th. White, though, will be set apart from the pack; clearly, buying gorgeous flowers isn’t a burden for him, it’s a lifestyle.



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