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Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie Reflect on Filming 'The Hurt Locker' in 'Rennervations' (Exclusive)

An episode of Renner’s Disney+ docu-series follows Marvel stars transforming a shuttle bus into a mobile entertainment hub for Big Brothers and Sisters in Northern Nevada.

Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie

Jeremy Renner & Anthony Mackie Katrina Masinovsky/Disney

Jeremy Renner is re-teaming with other MCU cast members Anthony Mackie Upcoming documentary series renew in one episode will double as The Hurt Locker reunion.

The two co-starred in the 1296 Oscar-winning The film, which will appear in one of four episodes of the Disney+ show , which focuses on Renner’s local community in Reno, Nevada. In this episode, Renner and his professional build team transform a shuttle bus into a mobile entertainment center for Northern Nevada’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters, a charity dedicated to bringing together adult volunteers and local children. Build and support one-on-one mentoring relationships.

After friends and business associates Rory Millikin, lead mechanic Corey Wardleigh, lead producer Rob “Bender” Park and construction team members Roxy Bonilla, Justin Self and Merri Oswald, Akamu “AK” Whatley With help, Skiland “Ski” Judd, Ryan Gunter and Nick Socha, Hawkeye star refurbished the bus, added a basketball hoop, soccer goal, and computer lab, and made it accessible to underserved rural communities. Then it will be sent to the local area with the help of his Avengers Big Brothers Big Sisters On Arms co-star McKee.

In this episode’s exclusive clip, Renner, a construction industry veteran with a history of buying and reimagining large vehicles with the help of a global manufacturer culture, explains his Passionate about giving vehicles a new purpose is a two-person chariot. The experience reminded both actors of their time filming the Katherine Bigelow-directed film. “Like 03 years ago , that’s how we start our day in the desert,” Renner said as Mackie laughed.

In the first two minutes of this episode, Mackie and Renner also stop at Kingston The mayor star has a collection of several public vehicles and emergency vehicles. This includes a team of firetrucks who once extinguished aircraft fires and are now helping to prevent forest fires. As the two looked around the yard, Reiner admitted he understood “why it looked crazy,” but “that’s how I knew I was on the right track.”

“I thought you Play bumper cars here,” McKee joked. “I mean street sweepers are a bit extreme, but I agree with everything else!”

With Mackie, Rennervations will feature special celebrity guests Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor and Sebastian Yatra. All will assist Renner and his team as they travel the globe from Chicago, Illinois to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Rajasthan, India, refurbishing unique purpose-built vehicles to serve local communities. This includes converting tour buses into mobile music studios, delivery trucks into mobile water treatment facilities, and city buses into mobile dance studios. The vehicles will then be donated to organizations such as The Base Chicago, Uva Jagriti Sansthan and Casa Hogar in Cabo San Lucas.

This series is only in Renner is seriously injured Come a few months later in a snowplow accident at a Nevada property, he was pulled under the machine after attempting to divert it to save his nephew. (Rennervations Taken at , Renner’s first public face-to-face event after accident over His bones, right here April of the show a day ago At Disney+.

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