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Jerome Foster II and Elijah Mckenzie-Jackson on why Cop27 has let them down

We received an overwhelming response to the letter we published with the support of LGBTQ+ people in Egypt, women’s rights activists and African climate activists. Just two boys in love, by trying their best to be allies and doing good, the whole world is watching now. However, this is in stark contrast to the delayed response by the United Nations.

When asked what protections exist when arresting or other civil proceedings against marginalized groups based on protected characteristics, the United Nations responded, “There are The legal arrangements required to organize a meeting of the United Nations outside headquarters. As with all such meetings, all meeting participants must comply with the laws of the host country, in this case Egypt. Therefore, there are no specific protections for any particular individual The Egyptian government is obliged to keep the UNDSS [United Nations Department of Safety and Security] fully informed if meeting participants are arrested or detained outside the meeting venue.”

No empathy in response , morality or elegance. Just an irresponsible word of disappointment. With the backdrop of our protests, our circles of youth activists are also beginning to understand how deep the rabbit hole of tyranny goes. Demonstrating or protesting in Egypt is far more dangerous, thus eliminating all forms of civil disobedience in and around the police. We don’t stand idly by as our work, and the work of others, in these spaces is forcibly stopped just because of the people we love.

It cannot be overemphasized that protest must play a role in creating social change in the course of history. This is another reason why this cop has failed. Screaming on the main stage and pulling back the curtain on the real reality of the Egyptian regime is not an option. Egypt has a history of arresting people who speak out.

Elijah Mckenzie-Jackson at a future protest in Brussels on Friday.

by Elijah McKenzie-Jackson



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