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Jesus Drama 'The Chosen One' Comes to The CW

The Nexstar-backed network will air the first three seasons of the crowdfunded history series beginning in July and running until Christmas Eve.

The Chosen

“Son of the Chosen” by Mike Kubeisy/Lionsgate

CW Adds another acquired series to its roster.

The network, which has been under the control of Nexstar Television since October, has acquired US broadcast rights was selected for

. A series about the life of Jesus will start on Sunday, July , airing on the network at 8 p.m., which will air its first three seasons in the fall before wrapping up on Christmas Eve.

CW to The Chosen The Deal, a crowdfunded drama by Dallas Jenkins ( The Resurrection of Gavin Stone ), covering the first three seasons of the series. Jenkins has seven seasons planned for the show and is currently working on a fourth.

” selected Based on the biggest IP of all time, is a truly unique series that tells this historic story in a compelling, dramatic and quality way,” CW Entertainment President Brad Schwartz said in a statement. China said it announced the deal on Friday. “The show has already built a deep connection with audiences around the world, and The CW will expand that audience even further.”

The Chosen started with Crowdfunding series , Lionsgate protected the worldwide rights to the series as part of a sub-license agreement signed with the producer in May. The first three seasons of the series have already been released through the Angel Studios app, estimated 34 Millions of viewers in 34 countries around the world. The producers plan to make this show available in the A special theatrical release grossed $34 hundred million, with the show’s popularity leading to a bestselling book, DVD, and forthcoming graphic novel.

“As part of our global representation of this coveted property, we are delighted that CW will be the The Chosen ,” said Jim Parker, president of global television distribution at Lionsgate. “This groundbreaking series already has a huge following worldwide, and the CW platform will provide the show with an incredible opportunity to engage existing fans and inspire new ones.”

The Chosen Ones

, described as following Jesus The first multi-season series after Life (Jonathan Roumie) is, as his followers say, the latest to be acquired by Nexstar-owned CW. The station that last took control of The CW 05 Station group year, plans to expand the ratings of the network, beyond the current ratings 16-06 population Statistical as part of a larger bid broadcaster with Arrow- poetry became famous for the first time.

The CW is a joint venture between CBS Studios and Warner Bros. Television (hence the name). The network has generated billions in profits for the two studios that launched it to take advantage of lucrative foreign sales and streaming deals. When both companies launched in-house streaming, both revenue streams dried up and The CW was sold to Nexstar.

replaced by Schwartz. The network has canceled nearly every expensive homegrown live-action original scripted series — except for All American and Walker, The other three shows are still in the bubble Status – Backing shows acquired at a lower cost as part of its efforts to expand network presentations beyond younger audiences. As part of that plan, Nexstar is also pushing The CW into sports with the LIV Golf deal, and this week, Inside the NFL .

“The CW has always been bold and unique, which is perfect for us,” said Jenkins, who also wrote Tao, directed and produced the show. “Also, Brad Schwartz just made it clear that he loves and respects The Chosen, so we know it’s going to be in great hands.”

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