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Jett is back for Tribute Night (perhaps to meet HR)

Jett is back for Tribute Night (perhaps to watch HR)

As Judge returns to Yankee Stadium, the captain has his eyes on him honored

NEW YORK – After fulfilling his boyhood dream, the Yankees are in A two-year career that included five World Series titles, With all-star appearances and sixth overall regular-season field goal percentage, Derek Jeter is ready to be a fan again.

Jeter returned to Yankee Stadium in his honor Friday night with the only club he played for 2020 Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the former captain — like the rest of the baseball world — says he’s been keeping tabs on Aaron Judge’s special season.

“He had 24 [home runs] — you know , I can’t understand,” Jeter said. “It’s hard enough to get hit. I’m not an expert, maybe ask a home run, but I think if you try to hit a home run, you might have some problems. It can backfire. Impressively, his hit rate is still average.

“This is something overlooked and underrated in today’s game. He hits average, runs, hits home runs. He is doing it all. He has [24] games left – he has a chance [Breaking Roger Maris’ American League Record 94], absolute. ”



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