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Jewelry Designer Lisa Eisner Is Bringing Her LA Magic to a Hamptons Residency

The two Lisas crossed paths years ago, introduced through mutual friends. Eisner helped Perry with some vintage shopping tips on the west coast, but they hadn’t connected in a long time. Cut to the Oona House residency: It’s the jeweler’s first in the Hamptons and her biggest on the East Coast in many years (she most recently showed a small capsule of gold nugget pieces at The Row, her son Louis is married to Ashley Olsen).

Eisner in set-up mode at Oona House

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Eisner

At Oona House there will be a selection of feather pieces using plumes from a former costume designer of Prince; more nuggets of turquoise, lapis, and opal; extensions of her western-inspired pieces; a selection of her best selling St. Christopher medals; and more gold nuggets, which are inspired by her grandfather, who wore nugget jewelry himself. “They’re like Duchamp readymades,” Eisner says. “I could never do anything better than them… it’s about how you take that raw sculpture and make it your own without changing too much.” All of this she’s planning on showcasing in a way that feels true to her aesthetic.

At home in Los Angeles, Eisner photographs her pieces on a shearling covered pool table (“reminds me of The Beverly Hillbillies,” she says) or in her lush garden. “The Oona House space is almost like the opposite of those museums where they say please don’t touch,” she says. “You need to make it easy for people to try on and put back.” Yes, she’s brought her shearling, but in the Oona House, where she’s setting up between a meditation garden and a moss garden, it’ll cover sculptures, and her pieces will hang from beams. “It’s an installation where you have to touch it,” she says.



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