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Jimmy Kimmel returns for three years in a row to carry 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' through season 23

Jimmy Kimmel is not going anywhere.

Despite years of flirting, ABC hosts have agreed to a three-year extension. The lucrative new deal will pass its Emmy-nominated Jimmy Kimmel Live! through its season three, making Kimmel one of the longest-running talk show hosts on TV.

“After 20 years at ABC, I’m now looking forward to three years of what they call a ‘quiet exit’,” he joked in a statement Tuesday.

This news is a pretty big win for ABC so it doesn’t have to try to recreate time slots in an already challenging time for linear television. Additionally, Kimmel has proven himself to be a great asset to the network and its parent company, Disney, well beyond his late-night host every night. He’s often seen at the company’s annual pre-show presentations, where he skewers his bosses and their competitors, which is usually the highlight of the week. He has also been a multiple Oscar and Emmy emcee, hosting and producing the ABC Emmy nominated Live in front of a studio audience with Noah Norman Lear franchise and co-created unscripted show with Kelly Ripa Generation Gap .

Even though Kimmel has been considering the idea of ​​leaving late at night, even has a contingency plan for the ABC For the former network executive For Karey Burke, it’s hard to imagine him doing that. After all, this guy is going to celebrate his birthday with a late night cake and once he’s old enough to drive, has an L8Nite vanity in him on the first car. His own shows have also become increasingly personal in recent years, as he uses the platform to advance causes that are particularly important to him. For example, after his son was born with a rare congenital heart disease, he used the night stage to talk passionately about the need for universal health coverage Sex. The former Man Show host is equally passionate and emotional about gun control, often putting politicians on task without having to Worried about alienating most of his people. broadcast audience.

“Jimmy Kimmel has been part of the ABC family for years A valued member, and the heartbeat of late-night TV,” said Craig Erwich, president of ABC Entertainment, Hulu and Disney-branded TV streaming originals. “Not only did he entertain our audience night after night with sharp comedy, energizing interviews and irreverent humor, but he carried us through some of the most important events in our history with optimism and enthusiasm. There is no one more than Jimmy Fun, more real. We are very proud of the talented team at Jimmy Kimmel Live! and very excited to continue our partnership.”

To be sure, moving on is not always as easy as it seems – or rather, moving on and trying to stay relevant is not always as easy as it seems easy. Sure, Stephen Colbert was able to do that, but he’s already had a late-night show on CBS after he left Comedy Central. By contrast, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is still finding his footing in his Apple TV+ follow-up . It’s unclear what it will look like for CBS’ James Corden, who was set to sign at the end of the season, or Samantha Bee, who canceled the late-night show earlier this summer. As for Kimmel, who will be celebrating his 23 anniversary on ABC in January, he has been busy expanding his footprint with media company Kimmelot, which Described on its website as “Kimmel’s Creative Lab”.




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