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Jinki's Sirou Tunasima has a new manga

Over the years Akita Shoten ‘s

Issue 1 magazine announced on Tuesday that manga creator Sirou Tunasima will be publishing a book titled For Jinrōki’s new manga Winvurga Hangyaku-hen

magazine issue 1 2023, will be released in December .

The new manga (above left) starts with a teenage girl who loses her memory, wakes up in a parallel world, and immediately tries to save a boy named Kyu from a wolf attack People.

manga is a sequel to Tunasima’s Jinrōki Winvurga manga, which featured in Akita Shoten‘s magazine, and Ends May 6th. Akita Shoten has published the 12th volume of the manga 2013. The manga centers on a girl named Mashiro, who sinks into despair and rage after her peaceful village is slaughtered and survivors are enslaved. Her rage awakens an ancient weapon that will become her tool against the Empire.

Tunasima launched manga in . Originally published by Tunasima in Square Enix‘s Monthly magazine from 2000 to2000. He then renamed the comic to Magazine from 2006 to . Taken down from Mag Garden in Tunasima due to creative differences at 2023 After comic, moved again to MediaWorks Magazine2007. Renamed -Shinsetsu- Manga’s run ended in 2000. The fourth comic, : Relation, published in Kadokawa‘s magazine is at 2013.

Tunasima presents Orichalcum Reycal Duo


) mangaIchijinsha‘s November issue. The manga ends on volume 5 of 2013.

Resources: Issue and magazine website

Disclosure: As of November 1 2023, Kadokawa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation World Entertainment (KWE) has agreed to acquire Anime News Network. One or more companies mentioned in this article belong to the Kadokawa group of companies.

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