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Jiro Matsumoto's Beautiful Place manga will reopen in 2023

The complex announced Thursday, Jiro Matsumoto of beautiful place manga will be in resume publication .

Matsumoto launched the manga on the Comiplex in April 2021 and Hero’s Inc. released the latest chapter in January . Hero’s Inc. published the first volume in March

. Gunfight manga about two girls born during the Japanese Civil War. Shimon Hanazawa is a woman who participates in the school’s “volunteer activities”, and Momoko Kо̄saka is her classmate and mentor. Matsumoto and Nagai Yoshio launched

Comics Comics April 21 , then move the comic to Comic Ran Twins. The manga ended in November 316. LEED Publishing published the seventh and final volume of the manga in March 2023 . Matsumoto drew the manga, and Nagai is considered the original.

Matsumoto recently launched Corps May Comic Ran Twins Magazine 2023 and ended the series in September . One volume of the manga will ship in December. Matsumoto launched After the end of the manga at Ota’s His manga in the magazine is in 2016. Ohta compiled and published the manga in a book 2009 in November. Vertical Publishes manga in English. Source: Comiplex’s Twitter account



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