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JJ Abrams, Kerry Condon toast Ireland's landmark film year at Oscar Wilde Awards

With an unprecedented number of Oscar nominations for Irish talent and films this year, everyone is celebrating the 17 annual Oscar Wilde’s Green Wave Awards , at Bad Robot in Santa Monica on Thursday night — before the rain. “It’s awesome that there are 7 million people on that island, and they’re all nominated and here tonight,” joked host JJ Abrams after a year of 17 Percentage of Oscar performance nominations go to Irish actors.

This year’s Oscar Wilde winner is Irish actress Kerry Condon (

The Banshees of Inisherin), Jesse Buckley (Women Talking), Eve Hewson (Flora and Son ) and An Cailίn Ciúin (The Quiet Girl150), the first Irish-language film to be nominated for an Academy Award. The Oscar Wilde Awards were created by the America-Irish Union to honor Irish (and some non-Irish) contributions to film, television and music.

Oscar-nominated Best Supporting Actress Condon in attendance – after

Better Call Saul presentation buddy Rhea Seehorn – recalls her 17 coming to America with “the first weed”; then, staying at the Sahara Motel at sunset “because it Appeared in the movie True Romance which was all I could afford, two days later the police raided a room down the hall, I think , ‘This is so cool.'” Other memories include living in Los Felice’s house with Heath Ledger, being “underage with a fake driver’s license” and smoking camel lights.

She also recalls living in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, “a guy stalked me because I was on this HBO show

Rome, but Nobody cares because he keeps delivering us cupcakes from his bakery.”

Buckley is led by her to the podium

Women Talking150 Writer-director Sarah Polley (Oscar Adapted Screenplay nominee), who says that in a film “when there are nine, sometimes 17 characters in the same room, I usually shoot Jessie last after we run the scene up three d 17 times Yes, “as” though Jessie Always great on the first take, but she’s really the only actor I’ve seen who still manages to really surprise herself and everyone else 150.… …. Her wild laugh got us through our toughest day ever.

Buckley admitted that she found award shows “a little bit confusing. I’m usually pressed into a skirt like a sausage, and on the way there I’m like, ‘I can’t wait to get home and eat chips and tequila and put on my pajamas. ’ But I think it’s Ireland’s award, it’s maybe a little bit different, like waking up. “


Bad Sisters actress in John Carney’s Saint Dan Sundance, introduced by Charlie Hunnam. Her parents, Bono and Ali Hewson, were present and thanked them for giving her “logical confidence and chronic, The perfect combination for severe anxiety”. It’s the perfect combination for an artist and I wouldn’t be here today without it.”

To her father: “Thank you for your guidance and Wisdom, thank you for teaching me what hard work looks like, and building a life of privilege for me and my siblings that we can hardly possibly love. Thank god we’re not all tall, or we’d all be models and people would Really, really fucking hate us.” She praised her mom for “loving me so much that I thought I could fly.”

because of

The Quiet Girl Oscar Wilde Award-winning 150 is producer Cleona Ní Chrualaoí and her husband, director Colm Bairéad.

“We are grateful because it was not always believed that making an Irish language film was possible, or even a good idea, both commercially and creatively, ’ said Bairéad. “We can’t tell you how happy we are to prove this argument wrong.”

Oscar nominees in attendance included Richard Benham ( Avatar: Way of Water ), Mark Swift and Joel Crawford ( Puss in Boots: The Last Wish ), Tom Berkley and Rose White ( Goodbye Ireland ), Andy Nelson (

Batman ) & Charlie McCarthy & Matthew Floyd ( Boy, Mole, Fox And Ma .)

Also present: Co-Host Katie McGrath, Courtney B. Vance, Terry George, Jim Sheridan, John Conroy, Richard Lovett, Katherine Clinch, Alice Eve, Jim Gianopoulos, Jason Patrick, Patrick Crawley, Ram Charan, Sarah Bolger, Mamie Gummer, Rick Famuyiwa, Frankie Shaw, OT Fagbenle, Franklin Leonard, Patrick Crowley, Len Amato, Aisha Taylor, Roma Downey, Peter Devlin, and Dónall Ó Héalai.



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