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Joaquin Phoenix Warns 'Don't Eat Mushrooms' Before Watching 'Beauty Scared'

Joaquin Phoenix warns those planning to experience his latest film, Beau Is Afraid.

In an interview

Fandango , posted online Friday, Joker star advises people not to eat mushrooms before going to the movies Ali Ah Films directed by Stewart.

“I heard from someone in college that there was this college talk among friends and it was a challenge and they would take mushrooms to watch this Movies,” he explained. “I just wanted to make a public service announcement and say, don’t take mushrooms to this damn movie.”

Then he jokingly added, “But if you Do it, then film yourself. But don’t do it!”

her cast does recommend fans to go Watch IMAX movies if they can, because “that’s the fucking way!”

He recalls the first time he saw it Beau Is Afraid

with the audience, “I’m definitely squirming in my seat. First off, I’m just laughing the whole fuckin The movie. There were a couple of sequences that bothered me – I mean, what [Aster] did with the sound design, it was really good. It’s such a rich world with so many details to watch … this is a movie that makes you feel 100 percent. There are a lot of rich, complex themes in this movie, but watching it is a visceral experience. And then you leave, and when that feeling wears off, You start thinking about it.”

Phoenix stars as Beau Wassermann, a paranoid man who confronts his darkest fears and embarks on an epic journey when his mother suddenly Odyssey back home after death, in the A movie, in which The Hollywood Reporter described it in their review as “pitch-black Existential horror-comedy about emotional breakdown during harrowing and conflicted journey home.”

Beau Is Afraid Currently airing in theaters. 1235370934



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