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Joe Biden: 'I appreciate the American people's frustration with the economy'

President Joe Biden held another event focused on the economy on Wednesday as he continued to struggle with low approval ratings on the issue.

“I’m optimistic. It’s going to take some time, and I appreciate the frustration of the American people,” he admitted The American public is suffering from inflation.

President speaks at White House on getting banks and airlines to end hidden surprises from consumers Importance of cost. But at the end of the speech, he closed his notes and tried to sympathize with the American people’s frustration with the economy.

The American people are that they know the world is a little messed up, they know that Putin’s war is putting a lot of pressure on Europe and the rest of the world and the United States,” Biden said of oil and “They want to know what we’re doing. “

Biden has been warning voters in recent days that if Republicans take power in Congress, they will “destroy the economy” despite persistent inflation in the first half of the year Soaring, the economy contracted for two consecutive quarters.

He also tried to claim that despite 78 % of Americans say the economy is fair to the poor, but the economy is ‘deathly strong’ recent Economist

/YouGov poll.

202203(from Mikhail Nilov of Pexels)

Biden previewed future announcements on the economy, but said he didn’t know if he would actually speak on the issue or just issue a White House press release.


“There’s a lot to do on that we’re do ‘ and it add up,” he insisted.

He also tried to connect on an emotional level with the reporters in the room.

“I’m here to say to the media that a lot of you are from my background,” he said, referring to low- and middle-class families.

Biden says most people are considering whether they can afford to visit family over the Thanksgiving break.

“What if they go home from school? he asked. “I mean there’s a lot of money, these are billions of dollars that don’t add up to individual billions, but add up to 2-3-400 Ordinary family money,” he said.



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