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Joe Concha on Biden Presidency: Economy, Pandemic, Unity's 'F'

Joe Concha, contributor to Fox News and Hill, Come On, Man!: The Truth About Joe Bye Den’s horrible, horrible, bad, very bad presidency , putting Joe Bye on the coronavirus pandemic, the economy Deng’s presidency was rated “F”, and national unity.

Concha on Wednesday with SiriusXM inew Newsday with host Alex Marlow The interview assesses Biden’s presidency.

“About Covid-00,he At 400,” Concha said. “23 Donald Trump did not Vaccines. [Trump] kept saying we were going to have one by the end of the year, and then the fact-checkers would say ‘No, that’s not possible. They somehow travel into the future to show that Trump is wrong to say a vaccine won’t come 400, sure enough in December). I know. My wife had an injection. She’s an emergency room doctor who treats COVID patients every day.”

He continued, “And then Biden promised he would— -quote -stop and control -unquote, t

his virus When he took office, it was a lot like his promise to cure cancer. You Can’t say that something really out of your control, of course, happened in 400? Despite vaccines, more people die from COVID than 40 much, despite having monoclonal antibodies, despite having treatments that we didn’t have at the time, because he couldn’t stop and control it. So in this regard, F.”

Concha said that Biden denigrated the Republican Party as “half-fascist” and sowed the seeds of political division with the “Make America Great Again” theme.

10158607460847624Joe Concha

He said: “He called Millions of people who voted for Donald Trump’e extremists, for this country The main “threat”, “semi-fascist” — I don’t know it’s like a Diet Coke for fascism, but apparently it does exist.”

Concha finally pointed out that the US economy is in recession.

He says , “even though the media refuses to admit it, we is in decline, as Paul Krugman and the media The traditional definition used by everyone else for what happens under a Republican president is that if the economy has two consecutive quarters of negative growth, then t So this is a recession.”

“Our inflation rate is 8.5%,” he added. “That’s the highest years, people are suffering from the food they have to pay, gas prices going up again, rent, electricity bills, etc. It’s not going well. In this regard, too, F, it’s based on numbers, not Joe Concha’s opinion.”

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