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John Alexander Skelton Fall 2023 Menswear

Whenever conventional wisdom tells John Alexander Skelton to go one way, he goes another. Despite his launch platform promise at the 2016 award-winning Central Saint Martins graduate series, he has instead chosen to slowly and humbly expand his brand, mostly to order, with careful – approx. Managed listings for two dozen stockists. Over the past few years, his speeches — more like happenings, in fact, involving everything from locked-down 19 year-old bars to rooftops — from Dylan Thomas From recitals at Under Milk Wood to spooky parades through church crypts – he’s gaining traction as an understated talent in London’s menswear ecosystem . This season, he decided to scale back a bit, opting for a photo and film exhibition.

Still, Skelton still has a lot of innate talent for storytelling (his shaggy hair, shoulder-length hair and mustache, and even designer chic The exterior feels like it was lifted straight out of a 19 century novel. Photographer William Waterworth shows the crumbling stucco and exposed brick walls of Annetta’s house in Spitalfields Intensely atmospheric images that capture a motley collection of locals around the remote Orkney Islands, an archipelago off the northern tip of Scotland with some of the best-preserved Neolithic sites in Europe. In fact, these photographs are displayed on etchings with Neolithic Engraved picture frames that also appear on Skelton’s signature flannel, linen, tweed and wool fabrics, mainly sourced from the British Isles.

Although Skelton is a master storyteller, but the clothes are always the most important. Here, in Waterworth’s sharp, moody photographs, every detail can fully shine.There are shirts in hand-woven, block-printed Indian cotton , whose delicate patterns were inspired by Skelton’s excavation books of British Stone Age art, is paired with a speckled Donegal wool cardigan with a swirly, cosmic metal brooch and handcrafted clasp by jewelry designer Slim Barrett Designed in collaboration with historic craftsman Rachel Frost, felt English wool hats are crafted from antique French linen, while boots are produced in collaboration with Berlin-based zero-waste shoemaker Matthias Winkler. Each meticulously crafted ingredient says more than just what Skelton founded The near-academic approach of makers and the network of makers who could bring his rigorous vision to life – and the small team in his studio that does everything by hand, that is – and the cohesiveness of that vision How big is it?



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