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John Boyega, 'Break' team remembers co-star Michael K. Williams: 'His presence was so rich and dedicated'

On the set of Breaking, Michael K. Williams According to his cast, he always smelled really good.

Williams just finished production on this thriller last year before he passed away , which went on to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

“His clothes,” star John Boyega told The Hollywood Reporter At the West Hollywood premiere of the movie, what he remembers best about Williams on set. “His clothes design, his fashion sense. He smells great. He has a really good presence. I’m actually using his natural oils tonight because he gave me a bottle.”

“He smells so good,” agrees actress Celenis Leyva, who plays Rosa Diaz in the film.

Beyond Williams is remembered by his cast as not only a talented performer, but a generous performer for his recognizable scent. Over the course of the film, several of the interactions between Williams’ character and the other cast members took place over the phone. While Williams didn’t need to be present for those scenes, he always was.

Off the plane, on the phone, give the lines to John,” Leyva said. “A lot of the actors in his place would say, ‘No, I’m not going to do that Do. ‘ He’s there. He was there. Just a wonderful spirit. “

Nicole Behari , who plays Esther Var in the movie Riley, echoing that sentiment. “This guy is an icon,” she said of Williams. “However, during his break, he came to pick up my phone when he was off the plane, just to say my lines. I don’t know if you know, but people don’t do that. Sometimes people will be in a scene with you, but they won’t be there. This is the spirit of Michael. It’s too bad he’s not with us today.

Director and co-writer Abbie Damaris Corbyn remembers Williams giving extras acting lessons on set. “He showed them,’ ‘ Hey, if you want to take your career to the next level, here’s how. ‘ So many clips in a very short period of time. His presence is so rich, so dedicated. “

She continued, “In his eyes, in his heart and spirit, he is a dancer, a man who wants people to be better than him, However, what a great man. I want to remember how we saw him. because he saw me. He also scoured my fridge for chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.

Breaking tells the story of the late Marine Corps veteran Brian Brown-Easley (Boyega). ) true story of facing financial distress when he didn’t get a disability check in the mail, he was in trouble and homeless. When VA failed to help him, Easley turned to bomb threats for robbery Wells Fargo 2017.

learned that Iraq Corbyn was heartbroken after Sley’s story. “This man desperately wanted to be heard. He still hasn’t been heard. So I felt the weight on my shoulders and said, ‘Wow, one person after another just walked by here. I can’t do that. It doesn’t make me much better. A broken system cannot be repaired if everyone looks away. So we made this movie so we didn’t have to. “

The cast praised the movie star Boyega’s portrayal of Easley. From the beginning, Corbin and co-authors Kwame Kwei-Armah got Star Wars cast.

“When I When Kwame and Kwame finished the final line of the script, we looked at each other on Zoom and we immediately had the same idea — John Boyega,” Corbyn said. But at the time, Boyega was unavailable.” We were heartbroken,” the director recalls. “Then we watched Jonathan Majors, who was occasionally available, but then COVID, Marvel and the schedule, and the people who were supposed to be in the room, landed in into the room. John’s first day on the floor was the anniversary of Brian Brown-Easley walking into that bank. When he first walked into the set, it was divinely silent. And have power. You can feel that John is mentally ready.

“He’s a generational genius,” Boyega’s Kwei-Armah said. “He’s an artist who exceeds expectations every time.” I’ve known John since I was a kid, we just hugged. We hugged and almost cried because I gave John his first job in a drama where he had a line. Now, I see this man, this talented artist. I want to cry.

Williams’ son Kareem Anderson was also in attendance at the film’s Wednesday night premiere. “I’m glad I’m still here to carry on his legacy and watch to the unveiling of his work,” Anderson said of his father. “Let you guys enjoy it. He’s a jack of all trades, he’s an amazing person. So when you see him on the big screen, you just see an extraordinary man who loves acting.

Boyega added, “I also [remember Michael’s] work ethic. The versatility and type of work he has shown before is second to none. He had such an amazing career. We hope he just blesses our little movie and gives it some grace. That’s what he did. “

Breaking Friday. August 48.

(LR) Selenis Leyva, John Boyega and Nicole Beharie attend the Los Angeles special screening of Breaking at London West Hollywood in Beverly Hills in August 08, 2021 in West Hollywood, Calif.

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