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John Legend 24 Hours Vegas Ambience and Vocal Warm-Up

“I’m not a chef, but I” I’m good Chef,” musician John Legend told his wife, TV personality Chrissy Teigen, as the two enjoyed a sumptuous meal of corn and fries, along with their children, six-year-old Luna and four-year-old. – Miles Sr. (Luna’s verdict? “A little spicy.”) The versatile legend is gearing up to release his eighth studio album, Legend , but at home, it’s clear that he’s dad first.

In first appeared on Legend’s agenda during hours Fashion to spend with him in Las Vegas? His brother Ron, who has been taking care of his hair for years, cut his hair for him; once he was ready, It’s time to try it on, and that’s an excuse for Luna to dress up. (Legend’s travel outfit, including a lavender shirt, sparkly jacket, and Gucci loafers, has to be seen to believe.)

Crawfish feast with family, Legend and his loved ones wearing disposable plastic gloves at lunch. “I love recipes that take a long time; I love stew, I love Make things that take three, four, five hours,” Teigen said, noting that Legend, growing up, became the family cook after his parents divorced.

After lunch, it’s time to explore Vegas. Vocal practice with legendary stars for Before he got ready for his show at the Zappos Theater – honestly, if you’ve never heard Legend warm up his instruments, I highly recommend this experience. Soon, it’s time for a live performance light camera action experience. “That is all about it. It’s Las Vegas love,” Legend said…really, who can argue with that?

Director: Alexandra Gavilette

Director of Photography: Tamara Santos

Editor: Daniel Poehler

Producer: Naomi Nishi

Live Producer: Gayle Kotula

Associate Director, Creative Development: Billie JD Porter

Associate Producer: Courtney Walden



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