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John Legend says Kanye West's support for Trump 'too much for us to maintain our friendship'

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John Legend is opening up about why he and Kanye The West is no longer close friends, confirming that it basically boils down to differences of opinion about politics. The legend was asked about his relationship with Kanye by CNN

The Axel Files host David Axelrod, he says (via Daily Mail ), “Let me ask you about your relationship with him. Because I know you Still a friend, but he, you know, his behavior and politics, I guess — his politics is very different or very different from yours?”

Legend clarifies “We’re not as friends as we used to be because, honestly, I think it’s because we publicly disagreed with him running for office and he supported Trump. I don’t think, uh, we can’t maintain our Friendship, honestly.”preview for The Bodyweight Back Blast for Summer

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Legend explained that West was “frustrated that I didn’t support him for the presidency of the United States of America for understandable reasons,” adding, “I’m not alone, but, you know, he’s not happy about it. We haven’t really been close since then.”

He was also asked what people didn’t “know” about West, and said Says he’s

“Well, I think people know a lot about him,” Legend explained. Yes, he struggles with mental health, and he’s very real, to be honest. So I don’t think there’s anything about him that people don’t understand, like he’s very upfront about his views, his struggles and all the things he’s dealing with. And, uh, I think what you see in him is pretty much what you get. I don’t think he’s completely different in private than in public. I think you almost see the real Kanye in public.

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