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John Lynch admits 49ers 'holding on for precious life' to keep Jason Poe

Lynch admits 49ers ‘hold on life’ to keep Poe Originally on NBC Sports Bayarea

Jason Poe after being cut As part of Tuesday’s mandatory roster changes, 49ers general manager John Lynch said the decision to cut the guard was “difficult” and he hoped they would sign him into the practice squad.

“Poe, that was a tough one,” Lynch told reporters on Thursday. “You talk about a guy you respect and the joy he brings to playing football, I think it’s obvious.

“You feel it, we stand for dear life. “

Poe, despite his diminutive stature, impressed those around the 49ers, including All-Pro tackle Trent Williams, with his speed, strength And the ability to use the low center of gravity and natural leverage to his advantage.

Seeing how Poe combines his natural strengths and how he wins over his teammates, Lynch isn’t lost .

“These guys love him. ..when he plays, everybody, you hear it,” Lynch continued. “Even though there will be challenges with the little guys, when you have a tough fight…he’s capable, and those guys tend to succeed. “

Despite impressing San Francisco’s players and management, Poe was knocked out by Nick Zakelj.

Finally, as a member of the 49ers, Lynch was able to take the undrafted guard out of the Mercer. Practice team, which he thought would be difficult to do.

Lin Chi ended by saying that he was “worried” that other teams would steal Poe when he was free, and was glad no one did.

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Just days after the 2022 NFL season, the 49ers hope everything goes according to plan on their journey to another Super Bowl title The plan goes.

Now that Poe is back in San Francisco, Lynch doesn’t have to worry about another team taking him.

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