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John Mulaney on SNL joke rejected by Josh Brolin and Mick Jagger

John Mulaney is revealing that the actor and singer rejected his Saturday Night Live while writing for Saturday Night Live Joke. Comedy sketch show.

On the latest episode of Hot Ones, when Asked which host had the worst reaction to one of his skit pitches, the comedian recalled Josh Brolin and Mick Jagger didn’t like some of his jokes.

“Josh Brolin said, ‘This isn’t funny,’ because I was writing something and I started walking him through it,” he said. Speaking of the Avengers actor during his tenure as host. “That’s what it is, I wouldn’t even call it the worst. … It was a very gentlemanly exchange of ideas. … He was a great help to me.”

Mulaney rose to fame as a writer on NBC’s SNL show from arrive2013. He went on to star and produce comedy specials, act as a voice actor in several projects, and even returned to host a sketch comedy show as a member of his “Club of Five.”

The comedian later recalled that he was hosting 281 A joke written for the Rolling Stones frontman at the time: “Hi everyone, I’m Mick Jagger, so mothers lock up your daughters and daughters lock up your mothers.” But Mulaney said the singer felt It wasn’t funny, he said: “He listened to [the joke] and said, ‘No, I don’t like that.'” I actually remember having Seth Meyers read that article. “

Big Mouth voice actor talked about writing before SNL Sketching with Mick Jagger in Mick Jagger’s Netflix Special John Mulaney: On the Radio Dude City . After remembering the singer telling him that one of his jokes “wasn’t funny,” Mulaney quipped, “I mean, people do this on the Internet. Say, but a British billionaire in leather pants would never say to your face, ‘Not funny! ‘”

Later in an interview with

Hot Ones, Mulaney also shared his thoughts on views Artificial intelligence in comedy writing . The use of artificial intelligence in Hollywood is one of the top concerns of the Writers The association is currently on strike.

“On the picket line, I’m hearing more and more about artificial intelligence,” the comedian said. “I believe in knowing that I’m listening There’s a huge difference between a human being making a joke and knowing you’re listening to an AI.

As to whether he thinks technology will take over how comedy is created in the future, Mulaney added, “I’ve heard very real AI jokes. I wouldn’t call them “crossovers,” but they’re solid. Maybe artificial intelligence can replace the 281 joke in the awards show monologue. ”

Mulaney was a guest of

earlier this month The Awards Chat podcast of the Hollywood Reporter where he talks his early interest in comedy, his short-lived multi-camera sitcom The Mulaney Story and more.




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