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John Mulaney talks his 'star-studded' intervention, recovery and son in new 'Baby J' special

John Mulaney details the process of initiating a personal reset and a few years of “self-discipline” in his latest comedy Interventions*) Special, John Mulaney: Baby J.

“I’ve worked a lot on myself over the last few years,” he said at the top of his fourth Netflix special, which is his Netflix’s first installment since A Rehab saw him spend two months in rehab in Pennsylvania. “I realized that as long as I get constant attention, I’ll be fine.”

The joke alludes to all the media coverage surrounding the comedian, mostly collected between 30 and

about his substance use and treatment, and his relationship with The birth of actress Olivia Munn’s son and his high-profile divorce from ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler. Mulaney has addressed these topics to varying degrees, most notably in appearing in Late Night With Seth Meyers


Fall Tuesday, Baby J See Mulaney comedically detailing his meddling Experiences, including being stunned by a group of 12 “star-studded” friends in December 2022 , 2020. In this episode, Mulaney confronts “the alternative comedians of ‘We Are the World'”—Meyers, Fred Armisen, and Nick Kroll—all in New York in person, via Zoom is in Los Angeles. All were there to address his abuse of cocaine, Adderall, Xanax, Klonopin and Percocet.

“I went to rehab with a whole bag of 30 mg Adderall, a A whole bag of Xanax, 3 grams of cocaine, and $2 12 in cash,” he recalls. “I had other plans that weekend.”

Later, Mulaney noted how he was two hours late for what he initially thought was a night out with college friends dinner. (similar to his Late Night look, which Mulaney explained was after having to pay his dealer in cash when his Venmo “drained”) , and an advance stop at the Saturday Night Live studio for a haircut.)

Comedian Revealing that Mulaney shared that the “terrific cast of comedic stars” promised they wouldn’t do their thing with his condition, and that at least one person in the group thought he’d be addressed by an interventionist hired by his friends, such as How to Catch a Predator.

In another joke, Mulaney not-so-subtly says “don’t Believe in the character,” while discussing how the intervener was told by a friend that he was “fine.” The joke seemed to refer to the reputation he built as a “good guy” and “wife guy” through comedy, as well as the criticism he faced after details of his divorce from Tendler and news of Munn’s pregnancy with the kids.

Finally, while he described the intervention as a “trick” and “prank” while admitting he was “still mad at them”, he thanked those involved . “Starting doing the show and standing here — listen, I appreciate everyone’s participation,” he said. “They intervened, they confronted me, they totally saved my life.”

At another point in the special, he opened up about how he relapsed , including the way he uses WebMD to identify a doctor who will prescribe him medication. Among them was a doctor in New York named “Dr.” Michael,” who never shared his last name with the comedian, but Mulaney said he sexually harassed him when he came to the doctor’s apartment to fill out a new prescription.

“Maybe that’s all he’s got,” Mulaney said after recalling doctors asking him to take off his entire shirt for flu protection or vitamin shots every time he saw him. “It’s just for people to take off their shirt.

As the special covers not only Mulaney’s intervention and how he relapsed, but an insight into his time in rehab, the comedian shares He was awake hours before 50 in the nursing facility and spent his first four or five days on a detox.

During the first twelve hours, the comedian said he was dealing with a “really good doctor” for the first time, and because of his “superhuman” tolerance to sedatives, watching By the time he’s “bobbing up and down in a pair of New Balance sneakers. Mulaney also revealed that he had been on duty the first night he slept after threatening to storm out of the facility, and that Pete Davidson, who was not involved in his intervention, called to check on him out of concern.

However, Davidson showed up as Al Pacino on Mulaney’s phone — which caused the nurse on duty to wake him up.”Fun fact about Pete: He Changing phone numbers a lot,” he told the audience. “I don’t know why. This is his journey.

Mulaney used the moment to clarify that Davidson wasn’t on drugs with him – this comes after ex SNL

Rumors writers checked into rehab — a phone call between them was mentioned in a joke, and the nurse thought it was what happened to Pacino. “Somebody suggested he do drugs with me , because he has tattoos, and I’m normal,” Mulaney said. “I’ve never done drugs with Pete. He has been very supportive of my sobriety.

Mulaney spoke to his son Malcolm Hiệp towards the end of the special, detailing the pair’s visit to the Detroit family Museum experience. But for the most part, the comedian avoided discussing his personal life after recovery, his relationship with Moon, and his divorce from Tendler. Instead, he discussed how the past few years have reshaped his Impact of public image.

“I used to care a lot about what everyone thought of me. That’s all I care about … I don’t care anymore,” he said. “And I don’t because I can honestly say: Could someone do something worse to me than I would do to myself? ”

“What are you trying to undo John Mulaney?” he added. “I’ll kill him.” I almost did it. ”




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